30 April, 2013

Last Minute

Yup, it's the last day of the month and my dedicated sewing day for this week, what happens, I spend 2 hours wasting time looking for a Bernina walking foot that's going to fit and not cost over £100 :o(

Then I got busy and I've got my April block done from Quiet Playjust managed April block
just at the very last minute lol,

Decided to cut up some of the Quilt Blocks left over fabric for a scrappy binding for my great aunt's quilt and I'm starting to save strips up for the scrappy strip swop at Fat Quarterly Retreat :)
Binding and fqr strip swop prep
ohhh I love that sizzix, so quick and easy.

Finally, I've been wanting a small design wall for ages, especially since the frame moved into the lounge. I keep meaning to buy some thick flooring polystyrene but luckily for me, my brother bought a new fridge/freezer and it came with 3 sheets of think poly, about 1cm, and I decided to have a play, I glue gunned them all together and then discovered I didn't have any batting that I wanted to break into, or big enough pieces of fleece, so I stole my DD's single flannel fitted sheet. Yes it's clean but it has some age old stains, oh well, so I spray basted it onto the poly, then dd and I used dh's strong double sided tape and taped it all on at the back. Some tape on the back to attach it to the wall and a few minutes to shove some blocks/quilts on it.. TA DAH ....
a suitable design wall ready for my Tula Pink blocks and it was all recycled goods so didn't cost anything YAY !!!! :)

Design board #recycled bed sheet yes bit dirty but its my practice wall and polystyrene from fridge packaging
now, i'm off to iron that damn binding so I can *perhaps* get it sewn on one side tomorrow.
May 1st tomorrow, wow already, time is flying by... see you next month lol

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  1. Oooh the design wall is a triumph.

    Love the scrappy binding strips and that block is gorgeous.

  2. I bought my Bernina walking foot from Bamber machines. They have a bricks and mortar shop as well as one on eBay. Cost me £85 free postage about 2 yrs ago. Not sure what postage to Europe is though.

  3. I did wonder if that is what you were up to! Lovely block Pippa:)


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