30 April, 2013

Last Minute

Yup, it's the last day of the month and my dedicated sewing day for this week, what happens, I spend 2 hours wasting time looking for a Bernina walking foot that's going to fit and not cost over £100 :o(

Then I got busy and I've got my April block done from Quiet Playjust managed April block
just at the very last minute lol,

Decided to cut up some of the Quilt Blocks left over fabric for a scrappy binding for my great aunt's quilt and I'm starting to save strips up for the scrappy strip swop at Fat Quarterly Retreat :)
Binding and fqr strip swop prep
ohhh I love that sizzix, so quick and easy.

Finally, I've been wanting a small design wall for ages, especially since the frame moved into the lounge. I keep meaning to buy some thick flooring polystyrene but luckily for me, my brother bought a new fridge/freezer and it came with 3 sheets of think poly, about 1cm, and I decided to have a play, I glue gunned them all together and then discovered I didn't have any batting that I wanted to break into, or big enough pieces of fleece, so I stole my DD's single flannel fitted sheet. Yes it's clean but it has some age old stains, oh well, so I spray basted it onto the poly, then dd and I used dh's strong double sided tape and taped it all on at the back. Some tape on the back to attach it to the wall and a few minutes to shove some blocks/quilts on it.. TA DAH ....
a suitable design wall ready for my Tula Pink blocks and it was all recycled goods so didn't cost anything YAY !!!! :)

Design board #recycled bed sheet yes bit dirty but its my practice wall and polystyrene from fridge packaging
now, i'm off to iron that damn binding so I can *perhaps* get it sewn on one side tomorrow.
May 1st tomorrow, wow already, time is flying by... see you next month lol

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A plea to my american friends

Hi all,
I'm asking for some help :) I'd like to bid on a Bernina walking foot but the sellers are refusing to ship here, would someone be kind enough to let me ship a foot to you and then forward it on to me, I'd pay all shipping and my 730 would be a really happy machine !

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28 April, 2013

Sadly not Sunny Sunday

do you get that in your part of the world, we woke up to cold, bit dreary and damp and as we're heading off to bed, clear skies, slightly warmer and dry with even sun.... it's back to front madness lol.. But on a cold weekend the best cure is some Cinnamon rolls

I actually froze one lot of *dough* to defrost and cook on my birthday morning

Weekend sewing has consisted of some Saturday night stitching, I've finished two flags for Boston, the mailing date has been pushed forward and all flags must be in US for 21st May... I quite enjoyed making them and feel at least I'm doing something, DS said oh mum, are these for Charity too, (he's still smarting over the Siblings quilt) and I told him it was for Boston, he saw the pictures on the TV and then we had a discussion about how they caught the bad man and how old he was etc etc.... It's tough having an inquisitive 8 year old sometimes

Saturday night sewing #tobostonwithlove

Then my Tula pink book arrived, OMG I just don't know how to describe the loveliness of this book, I'm in love with the illustrations, the blocks themselves aren't really anything new or different, there's a picture of the finished block and then a beautiful drawing/artwork of how to construct it and that's it but perfect in it's gorgeousness. I so want to start making some blocks but I resisted as I must finish the pieces of cake quilt and try to get some more siblings blocks done before. Untitled
Thinking I might sneak one or two in at some point this week.

Sunday morning was quilting morning, I loaded the quilt earlier in the week, had it all threaded, bobbins wound and had nothing but problems from the start, the machine just kept stopping, how can you practise fluid curves if it stops, needs turning off, turning on and restarting, resulting in jerky movements. I burst into tears of frustration, stomped off and told DH I was giving up quilting, sewing the lot... he got the sewing machine oil out, oiled it thoroughly, went through his mechanical engineering head of his and we worked together to try and resolve the problems. Its tough when a, I haven't quilted on anything else really, b, you don't know if the machine's playing up or the frame and c, it's all a too steep learning curve.
So a glass of wine with lunch, time for the machine to cool off, oil sink in and armed with some non stick matting to stop vibration, new needle, I set too... last time I quilted on it, no problems at all and I realised I'd left the bobbin door open and this morning it had been shut, so I opened the door and apart from some thread breakage had no problems for the rest of the quilt, with the exception of when I closed the bobbin door, so I think it knocks the bobbin plate up slightly and perhaps that causes more vibration through the machine, god only knows. Next time I'll try it with it shut and a sticky note to remind me of today lol... if it mucks around i'll open it and see.
Machine/frame/me playing nicely now
here's me playing with my loops and double loops.
I got to the last run and my bobbins had all run out lol, so time to wind an extra one Last bit and run out of wound bobbins

I've pulled it off and tomorrow will be clipping and hiding threads and then perhaps some binding time later on in the evening, it's my dads Birthday so we're out to lunch and afternoon tea so not much else will get done lol...

Have a great Sunday evening (kids are back to school here so I should be hemming jeans but instead i'm going to lurk on the internet lol)

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25 April, 2013

And the winner is.....

The most important news I have to share today, the winner of the giveaway sponsored by Julie@intrepidthread is

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Renee C, 

Once again Julie, thanks so much for allowing me to host this giveaway, 577 entries is some giveaway lol...

Nothing to report on the sewing front today :o( Good weather means some weed killing, new patio tables and some meals outside involving cake and chocolate brownies.  Weather is changing tomorrow so I might just get in the sewing room.

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23 April, 2013

naughty me,

*Hangs head in shame* yup I've been buying fabric again, not too much this time. I bought more interfacing and canvas to make another aeroplane bag should I want to, I also bought some grommets as I'm really tempted by Sew Sweetness's Soda Pop Bag  I bought transparent grommets so I can choose any fabric

UntitledThe this little piece of Halloween fabric jumped into my bag, I'm going to cut some up for the Fat Quarterly retreat strip swop and I think a friend of mine might like some too

Untitled This panel is from Marblehead by Ro Gregg, I love stained glass work and this panel jumped out at me, luckily it was on 30% off in the sale, I'm thinking it may be good to practice my FMQ on or DH said it would make a good quilt back, I was thinking a wall hanging. Actually as I've been typing this I've come up with an idea, my mum wants something to hide some stains on her settee where hair gel and stuff has stained the backs. Her settee is aqua, wonder what this would look like draped over the back...hmmm
I won a giveaway in March from Pauline@phoenixheirlooms and had it delivered to my mum in UK, she's just come over so I got to ohhh and ahhh, the Journal will be coming with me on Retreat, I'm going to use it for my FMQ doodling and stuff. Yummy fabric, buttons, my DD has claimed the hearts and I'm sure the beautiful Liberty buttons will be well used.

Wonky cos its just shoved up on wall #pieceofcake @craftsy @croskelley  @pink_stitches don't think I'm bordering it

I've finished my Craftsy pieces of cake no 3 quilt, I want to back in in a soft cuddly fleece, it's for my great aunt who i'm visiting in July, she's 75ish and so I don't want it to be too heavy, the only problem being its only just the width of the top and after attempting to load it on the frame I've decided I need to piece the back, I'm going to use some of this quilt blocks fabric to just make a strip.
I sat and doodled the quilting design I wanted, then realised I usually only have a 4 inch pattern size at the end and so it wouldn't work, back to the drawing board, I think perhaps just a swirl.

Things have been a bit slow around here because the kid's are on holiday and DH has been trying to build a patio, both dogs love it because they get to sit on slabs rather than shingle lol

Tomorrow we're having a delayed easter egg hunt with the village club so I need to make a cake hehe
Don't forget to enter the giveaway Here because it's closing on Thursday :)

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20 April, 2013

WOW !!!

Wowsers, we all definitely love the fabric lol, 431 entries at the moment and 31 more GFC and I think about 20 bloglovin new followers :) I hope you'll stay around after the giveaway, I'll try and keep you here lol..

I'm sorry but it's just impossible to answer all your emails but I've read them all and it looks like lap quilts and cushions are a favourite. Can't wait to see what the eventual winner does make with the bundle.

I've been reading Angela's FMQ book and I'm still stuck on her first feather lesson on the craftsy course, things keep getting in the way but she seems so down to earth on Craftsy, just think one day we could be fabric designers....

I've been book buying today. Have you seen Tula Pink's new book,

City Sampler is going to be the next big thing in the quilting world, forget SBS or Dear Jane's, this is the modern quilter's sampler quilt. I ordered mine from The Book Depository because they have it in stock and it was either that, wait for amazon to deliver in May or buy the kindle version. I decided that as Tula's pictures are always so fab that I wanted the paper version.

Then Julie announced her Tula block of the month Quilt along including lots of different options, f/q f/e yearly or monthly payment, if I was in the US I'd definitely sign up for it but I just know postage will kill me so I'm going for a scrappy stash busting version with some fabric purchases here and there :) I'm hoping to follow Julie's block along but not sure I can manage 10 a month, we'll see.

Sew Sweetness

Sew Sweetness is also having a sew along starting conveniently the Monday after my birthday *fabric pressies* and you can check her details out Here at least with 2 groups it might give me the oomph to get them done. *Apparently* they take less than 30 minutes a block, it'll probably take me that long to cut them out let alone finish them lol...

Is anyone else going to join in ???

I've got a quilt flimsy finish to show you tomorrow, I was going to post today but then I saw something more important that I really hope you'll get involved with and it really won't take any of us long to whip up.

Berene of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild came up with the fab idea to share some love and show our support to the people of Boston, she's asking that we whip up a simple flag/bunting and sent it to them, Tutorial and info here then they will be joined up and draped around Boston.  So please give up an hour or two of your time and make a flag.

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19 April, 2013

Fab Friday Giveaway

Wow, I am SO excited to have been chosen to host this giveaway. There I was sitting on twitter one afternoon and there's a tweet from Julie the next person that says Me can host a giveaway, !!!! wooohooo I was 2nd but Julie kindly let me host today. It's also kind of appropriate as I've just reached the magic 200 followers !!!!!

If you haven't seen Julie's shop or purchased from her before you need to go and take a look The Intrepid Thread.
I've ordered in the past and her Sales are really fantastic. I get the newsletter so that I can get the first pick at any sales or specials :)
I just had to shut my eyes  when I saw Glimma in canvas had arrived, wouldn't that make a great aeroplane bag.

This is the delicious bundle of scrummy yummy fabric that Julie wants one of my blog readers to win, isn't she just so generous

The giveaway winner will receive a fat quarter bundle of the 9 prints from Angela Walters' Textures collection...yup WOW !!! I love this collection, they are just my favourite colours atm, yellow/citrus, grey and jade, wouldn't this make a fab lap quilt or table runner.

Here's how to enter !!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Note * This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment so that I can contact you should you win! 
Rafflecopter will draw the winner on 25th April.

Good luck and a huge thanks to The Intrepid Thread!

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18 April, 2013

Come back tomorrow for fab giveaway

Come back and visit me tomorrow girls and boys, I have a fab giveaway up my sleeve :)

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14 April, 2013


Yes I'm AWOL, currently in the very sunny 24/25c Dordogne,its due to rain tomorrow so some of my embroidery may get done. I am reading my zakka 2 book that arrived,even if it is in the sun lol... Enjoy your Sunday :). I promise I'm thinking of you all

12 April, 2013

Siblings Together finally finished

I may be quiet next week, just got the motorhome out of it's winter cover and am contemplating a trip away for a few days.  It's due to be in the 20's and the kids and I could go and chill in the Dordogne,still haven't quite decided lol.

But the sun finally came out for a few seconds this morning and I managed to get a shot of the Siblings Together quilt.

siblings together front

siblings together back

I love the binding, really brings the aqua in the quilt together, think it can now be a teenager boy or girl quilt :)
It's a happy quilt :)

My delivery from Pink Castle arrived and Amelia and I have lovingly stroked it this morning before school fabric goodies

That's all folks, linking up to TGIFF for the Siblings and please make sure you come back next week, I'm having a sponsered giveaway from a very special fabric shop Intrepid Thread see I knew you'd be interested in that LOL..

Have a fab weekend :)

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09 April, 2013

Tuesday twitterings

Ohhh what a mad few days,DH took a week's holiday to build his dragbike, didn't succeed in finishing it but also means that for the last 13 days he has not done much child care helping, no school runs,no sick child caring and not even much coffee making...yes i'm moaning and yes I've moaned to him too.. :)
As you can see (here is himself testing his leathers which had to be zipped together and are a bit tight on the waist/zip section) the dragster is far from finished, he's supposed to be at a test session on 20th, can't see him making it lol

Dh practicing his racing pose....not long to go and he'll be doing 130mph in 400m *eek* #imscared

Last night I got busy making these two bee blocks, they were definitely fun to do, I wanted to make sure my piecing was as accurate as I could get it so Celine had an easy job matching them all.

Block 2

One down one to go

She wanted texts, fussy cuts and I made the top one fairly *english* scooters, english fabric designers and the bottom one had french words, wine, shop words :)

1st #siblingstogether quilt finished, waiting for label and onto finishing No2
The siblings together quilt is bound and finished, I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can take *proper* piccies, I bound it with aqua sketch and I think it really helps bring the aqua bits out on the quilt.  My DS really wants to keep it for himself and he's jealous another boy or girl is going to get it.lol

Friday night stitching and early night for me

Finished carrots,one more block to do

For Friday night's stitching I got the carrot head finished and the rabbit done, I'm now doing bits of the bird house and can start on the piecing elements of the blocks.

Remind me to tell you tomorrow all about my Instagram virtual sew in with cara@pinkstitches :) and I might have a very exciting giveaway to tell you about too....

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05 April, 2013

Siblings together and other bits

We're a sick house again here *sigh* the kids colds have taken them over and they are both on anti biotics and coughing in tandem all night, so lots of disturbed sleep for us all (with the exception of DH who slept through the hurricane) I managed to get one to school most of the week and then the other one off lol... so just one at home at any one time :)

Today it's big boy's turn to be at home but he's snuggled up on the settee with quilts and the tv, while I did some stitching for the happy scrappy spring. I sat this morning and finished the carrot Sick child so I'm sitting with him and actually stitching a carrot....
and i'm going to start on the bunny rabbit in a bit.

During the evenings I've been doing some handstitching and I've got all the Lozenges together @lilysquilts lozenges finished now 22 triangles for edges,some borders and it'll be a bolster pillow all out of a single charm pack...tiny lozenges
Now I'm thinking I need to make the edge triangles so that I can put borders on, Lynne says to applique it onto the fabric but i'm not sure, what do u reckon ??? would have to do it by machine because it'll be washed lots.

The siblings quilt has sat on the frame all week and I decided he could watch tv just as easily with me quilting at the frame, it's still a learning curve, I'm far from perfect but today we had no thread breakages (superior bobbin thread and yli variegated cotton quilting thread) no needle breaks, not too many machine stops but I've worked out its quilt tension issues and a very heavy paperweight works miracles lol.
#siblingstogether @lilysquilts and front... Do u think solid black for binding or red...red/white or scrappy from leftovers ????

Just off frame #siblingstogether @lilysquilts
So now i'm auditioning binding and have had a mad lets try aqua sketch moment... think it'll add the zing I want the binding to have, I'm definitely getting more adventurous in binding choices and the vomit binding definitely makes a difference to it, will ask dh to choose...

And I put all my seweurobeean blocks together and this is what it looks like, I'm missing 2 blocks and need to make some more to make it larger,
bee blocks

ohhh and I made some siblings blocks.... finally I've made all 25 blocks of the pieces of cake quilt and have cut the strips ready to stitch them together 13 blocks done @croskelley rocks @pink_stitches  how u doing with yours,I'll stop for a bit now :) oh be careful with directional fabrics had to unpick loads :(

so suppose I have been quite busy when I look at this week's stuff lol... my labels arrived from spoonflower tooVery #happy post,thank you @spoonflower 24 labels for just over 11$ #bargain
Don't forget it's Friday Night with friends tonight, I'm planning on some rabbit stitching if the kids are awake but if my miracle they do sleep I think some binding action may be appropriate :O)

Have a fab weekend, see u tomorrow x

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