13 March, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today was one of those days, it started off with two kids coughing and getting up too early considering they didn't have school today. I've got the start of a cold, sneezing, sore throat and runny nose and it was sleeting too....

I decided to get busy making DH's Mazog cushion, I grabbed the sizzix and cut into my black sketch and white glow in dark fabric.

Pieced it all together, with DH popping in to my sewing area off and on, a magazine kept jumping onto the sewing machine or ironing board to hide it.

The kids decided it needed a jazzier border than just the plain white or black so I grabbed the houndstooth.


Posting it on Instagram and it appears most people quilt their cushions, so suppose I'd better then. Any ideas ??? I'm not too keen on quilting the white because the glow in the dark needs to be the focus, thought perhaps the houndstooth every other line or something simple.

I ironed and cut some siblings together fabric, I'm using my (I think it is and im too lazy to go and look) dear stella fabric and some extras added in.

If all that wasn't enough for a Wednesday, DD spied the cute rabbits in a hoop from Love quilting & patchwork 
and what size hoop have we got a huge 14 06 16" hoop, so she decided we'd have to have a family of bunny rabbits.  A great fabric chooser she is and with our bunnies chosen and the background sorted, she got busy tracing, I got busy fusing and cutting and then I appliqued them on using a variety of Aurifil.


All Variegated, pink, yellow, blue and green. The mag had their rabbits without noses and eyes, I thought they looked a bit weird, so dh and I got drawing.
I want to make it into a cushion so I haven't chopped the extra background fabric but she's determined it'll stay a hoop.  Yes but i'll want my hoop back, we'll just borrow it each Easter mum... she's taking it to school tomorrow to show her class :)

I'm linking upto WIP Wednesday and can't actually believe how much we got done today.

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  1. I think a simple quilting for DH cushion as you have a lot going on anyway. I agree bunnies do need eyes and noses.

  2. love the bunnies and the selection of fabrics you have used.


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