23 March, 2013

What I got upto on my Friday Night Sew in

To be honest, I didn't really do much, I was snuggled up on the settee and did some more lozenges collation, nothing more and still I have 10 little squares to add in and sew up and then it'll be ready to turn into a bolster cushion I hope..... I'm hoping the sewing might be a nice Easter project so I can sit with the kids and watch tv, especially as a bit chilly here today.


I've done my motherly duty and taken the boy and his 2 friends, 20 miles each way to footie this morning, sat there and watched them play

and ferried them all back home... Made lunch and am now contemplating going food shopping so I don't have to on Monday lol..

Exciting eh NOT !!!!

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  1. I do love lozenges but have only made them for other people - I need to remedy this!

  2. lozenges coming along well, wonder if you were doing them whilst at the football or were you a good Mum cheering the boys along.


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