05 March, 2013

Tuesday twittering

Its been a long day,lots of quilting,swirl practice think I need to practice drawing bigger swirls on wallpaper to get the size I  could on the frame,so like 4" runs,but its good enough,especially for Amelia lol,she doesn't care. Then binding was made,literally 400 inches with two swipes of the sizzix,  god I love that machine. Some binding was stitched on and now while I'm waiting for Dallas I'm using my wonder clips so that I can start hand stitching the back tomorrow at patchwork club. Fingers crossed for a Friday finish as Thursday is out,lots of French homework Lol...have fun evening x


  1. sounds like you have been busy. 400 inches of strips, wow, not sure about a sizzix but I am going to the NEC show and they are going to be there so will check it out to understand what you have done.

  2. Your quilting looks great Pippa!

  3. Quilting looking good love the wonder clips.

  4. Looks beautiful! I have a Sizzix Big Shot but just the applique dies.


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