29 March, 2013

TGIFF Aeroplane bag

Last week was the vomit quilt and this week, a completely unexpected finish. I'm linking up to TGIFF this week for my Aeroplane bag

See here for Part 1 of the construction and then Thursday night, I got busy finishing it off... have to say I lost count of the number of needles I broke, mainly because I didn't use the interfacing I should have, because I haven't ever used the correct interfacing I'm not sure just how stiff the bag should be.


It was incredibly easy, detailed pattern and instructions, go and check out Sew Sweetness because she's added a really cute bag to her patterns today..... considering I have only put 3 or so zips in anything and haven't used any proper thick interfacing i'm thrilled with it, I have managed to put a 2 yard roll of batting in there and it was still only half full.  It's hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Amelia's little sewing machine fits in there.

Please don't ever look at my topstitching, the Bernina doesn't have a walking foot and it was sewing through 1/4" thick felt, canvas, batting, lining with interlining so understandably it jumped here and there.
I'm definitely going to make another one but will probably get the correct batting/interfacing.

Don't be too frightened, I made DH model the bag this morning so you could see just how big and roomy it is, he's 6ft3 and quite *large* cough cough...and it still is big with him lol...
Dh being a bag model,as you can see the bag is big,

And as today is Good Friday, I whipped some hot cross buns up in the bread machine yesterday and these were dutifully consumed this morning
Sticky hot cross buns for the morning

Happy Good Friday :)

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  1. The bag looks wonderful and much, much bigger than I thought - no wonder you said it was like a boat! Well done on conquering the zips, I knew you could do it! What fabrics are you going to use for your next one?!

    P.S. The hot cross buns look delicious!

  2. I love your bag, Pippa! I adore that hot air balloon fabric for a travel bag! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  3. I love your bag. It looks like it would be easier than the weekender! Great fabric!

  4. Great bag! Big enough to go fabric shopping with, right? ;-)

  5. You clever girl you and DH is clearly a very good sport too.

  6. Hey well done! You are a brave woman and it turned out fantastic!!

  7. a great bag, will check out your link. You must get a walking foot as they say they are great for quilting. One came with my bernina but have not done any machine quilting yet, maybe one day!

    DH makes a good model! Joyful Easter wishes to you all

  8. Wonderful bag!! This would be great for a carry on!


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