24 March, 2013

Sunday Sewing

Gosh, I love that Amelia is wanting to sew but every time I sneak into the sewing room on the weekend, BAM !!! mum, can we do this, mum can we sew that....
She'd seen the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co I love Jenny's tutorials and i'm halfway through her craftsy course too :)

Anyway, this afternoon the orange and green scraps were gone through, I drew a triangle on some fabric and 30 minutes later we were hand stitching the leaves on... so here's our bunch of carrots ready for the Easter Bunny

I knew that carrot fabric would come in handy some time lol...

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  1. Oh it's so sweet she wants to sew but I also understand you need your own time sewing too! The carrots are so sweet and the Easter bunny is sure to appreciate them :)

  2. carrots look good enough to eat, so good to have a little pal who wants to stitch with you

  3. looking good x getting the balence between mum and daughter sewing time may need to be negotiated!! lol x


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