30 March, 2013

Spring forward

Tonight the clocks go forward and it's supposed to feel like Spring, not here it isn't lol..it's been raining all day

Not much sewing done, (read none except for hand stitching the bag lining closed) but I have bought some fabric

Pink Castle has a silly bunch of fabrics at 6$ a yard and a discount code of SPRING20 for a further 20% off. She can fit 10.5yds in an envelope too so I had to buy 21 half yards, lol, I've got a lot of backings and tbh I didn't really need any of these but at that price, who can resist :)
oh and I got the colour pink in Cindy's charm swop so ordered 2 yards of pink/red spotty Michael Miller fabric :O)

I've been busy making individual simnel cakes, they are truly delish and not that fiddly to make, I've gifted some to neighbours and some to family, still 13 left for us :O)
Today its individual simnel cakes

And finally, I'm thrilled to see Kaaren is doing another BOM, well actually it's a row a month, I'm going into it knowing I'm not going to keep up but I love her stitcheries and it'll give me something to do over the summer rather than EPPing hexagons lol.. If you'd like to join in, click on the picture for more details. It starts on April 1st :O)

Incase I don't get chance tomorrow, Happy Easter :O) here's our basket waiting for the easter bunny to come.


I think there may be some more eggs and Lindt bunnies in there tomorrow lol

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  1. I love simnel cake and so want to do some shopping at Pink Castle!!

  2. We had snow this morning, and the wind well enough said. More fabric scrumptious. I made meringue nests choc for the grandchildren and plain for grown-ups, pudding tomorrow. Grandchildren have eggs and bunnies. Have a great Easter.

  3. your cakes look so so tasty. What a great buy with your fabric, I dare not check out then site!!


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