14 March, 2013

Spoonflower labels

I've been trying for ages to get a quilt label sorted out and as I'm going to be quilting loads, I wanted to get a label sorted.

I uploaded it to spoonflower and now I need to wait 9 days :O)

I'm worried as Dh said he can't read the poem, oh well it's too late now so we'll have to see when they arrive. I just loved the font :(

For those that struggle like dh it says
"This quilt is made with tiny scraps, of fabric from my fabric stash. Each piece is sewn in special place. To bring a big smile to your face"

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  1. Lovely label! All the important info is on there.

  2. great label - hopefully he was just teasing you!

  3. Great label... good luck with the finished product.

  4. What a great idea to get your labels made up like that! It's a lovely label with that poem on it!!

  5. Great labels Pippa and like DH I did struggle but it's a lovely poem :)


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