12 March, 2013

Siblings Together

Look what arrived in the post, Betty from the Netherlands offered to make me some siblings together blocks.

9 blocks for Pippa

I told her I was planning a big kiss block like my bee block from here for a girlie quilt.  I'm now getting ready to cut out the other 16 blocks. I'm thinking lots of oranges, yellow, green, blue and pink of course :)

Loads of stuff going on here which I don't really want to talk about so there's not much sewing happening.

I must show you though what I got at our local bric a brac on Saturday night, for £18 or just under 21€

Isn't it a lovely cupboard, perfect for my cutting board and more storage, but wait....check out the back !!!!

Yes there's a full size fold out ironing board, how cool is that, it folds back down into the back of the cupboard, i'm overwhelmed by how cool it is :)
I set to on Saturday night and have replaced the cover now, with a nice bright green one.

Eventually this might move upto the frame room when it's finished cos it'll provide storage and ironing solutions :)

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  1. Lovely blocks - have fun making the rest. Hope the other stuff settles down and you get some sewing time soon.

  2. Those ST blocks are great! Lucky you x

  3. I love the ironing cupboard. It will be beautiful once you've revamped it!

  4. Great blocks Storage, cutting area, and an ironing board wow what a find.

  5. How sweet of Betty! Loving your new sewing space!


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