20 March, 2013

Scrap Vomit FINISHED !!!!

I'm linking this up today to TGIFF because it's a whopping finish for me :)

The sun shone, I frantically sewed the binding on and finished at midday today !!!
and the SCRAP VOMIT IS FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#scrapvomit finished yay

Dh chose the binding which is I think (lime) sketch and it really is quite perfect.  The quilting was a nightmare, the frame didn't want to play nice and I wanted to try a funny take on chemistry bottles/boots. The thread from Superior is yummy though, it's variegated but changes every inch or so and I bought multicolour, it's blue, aqua, red, yellow, green, orange, ohhh it's fab. I think I may be investing in a cone of it. ( I still couldn't get hold of any aurifil polyester which is a shame because I think it's cheaper than superior because you get more on the cone)

The backing was a nightmare too, I'd bought oakshotts in tigers eye especially for it and when I loaded it back on the frame I realised it was practically see through on the back and you could see every seam through the back so it had to go.  Luckily I had a new sheet to use and I think it's a perfect backing, so much more *us* than plain but silky oakshott.

The Back

Just fits the wall lol....#scrapvomit back

I'm even tempted to make a vomit cushion, Katy is indeed a witch and yes they are strangely addictive.  I hated piecing it but now i'm thinking hmm when I make my next one lol...

So it's about 70" square, it has been pieced with Aurifil 50wt, has a fleece batting, quilted with Superior polyester and backed with a supermarket cotton sheet :)

Now onto my next project......

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  1. Fantastic and that backing is brilliant! Funny how things work out :)

  2. That backing is fab . Sounds like a series of nightmares have combined to form a dream quilt. Great quilt, I love the solid green in the front.

  3. The quilt is lovely, the backing brilliant, and the quilting great!! The Oakshotts are quite thin, though they didn't used to be. I have a newer and an older batch and even the same colours are markedly different in weight...

  4. I love how everything came together in the end for a stunning quilt - even the sun came out. I'd like to make one of these quilts, but I need to build up my collection of scraps first.

  5. Yaaaaaaaaay this is great! Not seen the funky back before and you're right, the binding is completely perfect. Well done! x

  6. Congratulations on a great job. The backing, binding and quilting a super.
    My blocks are made, who knows when the next stage might take place. I was seeing 2.5 inch squares in my sleep!

  7. This turned out just beautiful Pippa! I still need a few more blocks before I am finished. I love the backing!

  8. Wonderful quilt!! I love both the front and the back!!

  9. a great quilt,front and back.

  10. Woot woot - great finish Pippa and good choice by DH.

  11. Looks wonderful! I have 6 blocks to go and hope to quilt it this weekend. Seeing yours makes me really want to finish mine!!!
    Love the binding color too!

  12. I do like the scrap vomit quilt. Love the lime green you used.

  13. Wow, there are a lot of little squares there! Hope you made a dent in your scrap bin. The quilt is awesome and bright! Thanks for sharing at TGIFF!

  14. Just gorgeous - love the backing you ended up using too!


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