02 March, 2013

Saturday stutterings

The vomit is finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well upto flimsy stage,I ran outside and took some piccies but brrrr it was cold still,  (so much for spring)

Ready for quilting now #scrapvomit

I do love it, it looks fab from afar (just as well because not all the seams match) I'm a bit annoyed at the green square right near the B Blocks (8 blocks down) which also happens to be at the optimal view of the quilt and makes the b blocks look slightly odd but I'm not unpicking it, too much grief. I took the picture sorta upside down too, so if I turn it around the mutant green square won't be noticed.

it's heavy, must be all those seams and I love a heavier weight quilt (same with my duvets, even in the summer I like weight on my legs) and I don't have enough batting so I've pieced some white flannel for the batting and this gorgeous Tiger's Eye Oakshott that I bought for £3 a metre for the backing :)

I've cut and picked off all the ends of thread and I'm waiting for DH to help me move the frame into the lounge to put the extensions in, it can stay in there then so I can get more quilted.

I'm thinking this thread which is slightly variegated yellow so it melts into the backing and so I can get it done rapidly :O)

Fingers crossed I might start quilting on Monday,just a meander so I can get it done. I've got loads of paperwork to do, vat returns coming out of my ears *sigh* but if I promise myself to start on Tuesday I should be ok.

I listened to my first 2 lessons on the Angela Walters FMQ feathers Craftsy course and I found 30 mins to have a play, this is my practice piece, to me it looks weird or wrong, think it's something to do with the size of the
petals/leaves perhaps. This was on the Bernina and I'm hoping to have a go on the frame next week.  I used Aurifil 40 on this one with a variegated green.

I'm also restarting my diet on Monday, it's about 19 weeks until I leave for UK for Kent and the retreat.
Must just tell you, my parents are Welsh and it must be ohhhh 15 years or so since I was in Wales last, well I checked out hotels and they were cheap for July, so mum, me and the kids are off to Cardiff for a quick visit before I go off to London for FQR, am I going to be knackered, yes I am,
500 miles France to Kent, 212 to Cardiff, back and then london (train) then back home to France so about 1400 miles all in a short 12 days. )
Anyway, I told the kids and DS is excited because it's a different country and DD thought were were going to see WHALES !!!! lol, she was slightly disapointed to hear we probably wouldn't but sure she'll get over it.

So here's to my goal of losing an extra 9 kilos by FQR and getting #scrap vomit quilting started this week and on my to do list, some quilt labels

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  1. Love this quilt! Your FMQ'ing is v impressive - I have the Leah Day course on Craftsy and am working up the courage to get started.

  2. Vomit looks fab - I think the feathers look great too. Can't wait for FQ retreat!

  3. LOVE your vomit quilt and good luck quilting it - it will be magnificent especially with an Oakshott backing! Wow! Can't wait to see you again at retreat :)

  4. Your scrap vomit looks great. Hoping to get lots done on mine this month!

  5. both the quilt and the quilted feathers look great. Feel exhausted just reading about your visit to the UK!

  6. Wow fabulous vomit quilt. Free motion I really want to do this but I find it so tricky. Practice practice. Your trip sounds great fun if not tiring. Good luck with the diet.

  7. The quilt looks very nice, and if you hadn't mentioned the green square that was bugging you I wouldn't have noticed it. And I only did after searching for it! So it is no big deal.
    Be proud of it and have fun with your quilting.
    Aren't feathers fun, once you get the hang of them, I am still learning them.

  8. I love feathers and yours are looking brilliant.
    I'd like to lose weight by the Retreat. Shall we be accountable to each other? I mean email each other once a week after weigh in and say if we lost of not. It might keep me on the straight and narrow.

  9. Oh no, I just realized I forgot to send you the squirrel fabric - I am so sorry!! I shall send you some anyway - not that you would have got much on 2.5" as they are quite large scale. So so sorry Pippa but I love your vomit top :)


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