12 March, 2013

Mazog madness

My DH has a space invader tiled on his office floor and loves old computers, (well he is a techie) and old games and consoles.
It's his birthday next month and I'd like to make him a Mazog cushion, Mazogs were big on the ZX81's in like 1981.  Eventually i'll make him a space invader or mazog quilt too.

So here's a mazog, (i'm doing the spider looking one bottom left) I've drawn it out on graph paper too but now am thinking instead of piecing 90 2" squares, I could piece it with rectangles and squares.
What would you do ?

I'm breaking out some of my special glow in the dark white fabric, using kona black and have the perfect geeky backing.  Just a month to get it finished though.

So Squares or squares/rectangles ???

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  1. I go for rectangles....easy option!

  2. Squares/rectangles - there is no need to drive yourself mad - less corners to match = less to go wrong! Goung to look fab. Did you see Oh Fransson!'s pieced space invader quilt?

  3. Not sure, I would probably do rectangles/squares


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