31 March, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

March is coming to an end, it's not been a bad month for us weatherwise, bit tough in the personal department but hopefully we're coming through the other side for the moment anyway.

I was quite shocked when I did the mosaic because I thought that the vomit was my main finish for this month.

I've made 2 cushions, the mazog I finished literally 2 hours ago and it's ready to be wrapped up for DH's birthday on 18th. I quilted and finished the vomit quilt and Amelia's pink zig zag. Only made 2 bee blocks this month which I loved, I haven't managed the quiet play or castle BOM for March so am behind on both going in to April. Amelia and I have been busy making the rabbits wall hanging and easter carrots. She's made a cushion too. The ironing board cover was a quick make but it was a finish and the big finish for this week was the aeroplane bag, 2 days from buying the pattern to buying fabric and finishing the bag, plus life got in the way too lol :O)
I've made some siblings together blocks for the girly quilt and started 25 blocks for the craftsy course... busy month

Making cakes has also been a bit of an obsession which has to stop in April, diet starts again on Tuesday...yes I know I said it a few weeks ago but for real this time :)

Linking up as always to the wonderful Lynne@Lily's quilts, go check our her skirts she's made some awesome ones.

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  1. What a great month!!! And wow - those cakes look delicisou!

  2. You've had a fab month Pippa!

  3. you have been so creative in March, so much done and all wonderful

  4. Wow, you have done a lot, and yes I did notice there were rather a lot of yummy cakes!

  5. Great month of makes and those cakes look lush!

  6. Great makes, especially the cakes - yum!

  7. Fantastic month......and the vomit is finished too!


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