01 March, 2013

February Fresh Sewing day

Lily's Quilts

It's finally March, January was a rubbish month, February too short, we had two weeks of school, one week in UK and have just had a week at home with no school as it's February holidays, so I really only had 2 weeks of sewing and with physio appointments twice a week, vists to docs, etc etc sewing hasn't been high on my must do list.

So I'm really shocked to have got so much done this month or fortnight.

I started and got to finished flimsy stage of my *boy* Siblings together quilt.  I am princess bee this month and got lots of big kiss blocks, I'm missing about 10 still and am hoping it'll be a flimsy for March.  I whipped up a porthole notebook, to go in the  cute bag I made with a charm pack I won from Fabric Shack
I completed my BOM's for Feb very early on.  I had a giveaway and made the 3 Valentines pincushions.  I got my Valentines Round Robin back and I was one seam short of getting the vomit quilt to flimsy stage :( but I know it's going to be a finish for March :O)

March is going to be a quilting month, I need to move the frame into the lounge because I have large quilts that use the queen extension.
Siblings quilt, hopefully vomit quilt, Zig Zag, Dragon Quilt and I'm going to make some big kiss blocks for the girlie sibling quilt, get my BOM's done and would like to finish my lozenges. 
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  1. Great mosaic of makes Pippa :) Here's to a great March too!

  2. I really like the boy quilt! Good luck with the quilting!

  3. That's quite a lot of sewing for a "not much sewing month"! So can''t wait to see what you get up to in March. :-)

  4. if that is a not sewing month looking forward to what you do in a sewing month, lots of goodies to see here

  5. Well if that is a slow month I must get cracking.

  6. Lovely mosaic Pippa - now get quilting!


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