04 March, 2013


Sunday was a day of sorting out playrooms, then it moved into I'll just tidy up the lounge, then it became Babe, can you help me move the frame into the lounge so it can be queen size so I can quilt..... cos you haven't got the frame room done.........

So lots of moving around and organising.  Which also meant more room in the playroom and sewing room for furniture.  I can get some more cube boxes in which'll help with the fabric stash which is starting to overflow big time and the kid's will get a nice new desk.  Eventually DH is going to sort me a cutting area and I might even remember to buy the polystyrene for a design wall when we go to the DIY shop next.

Monday morning, bright and early, kids back to school, sun shining, gorgeous day and I set to.  Tip run, food shopping,came home and cooked roast chickens, chicken soup and popped a beef stew in slow cooker. Then hoovered, and got washing on line. wow....

I took a break to load the Vomit quilt onto the frame and had to leave it to get on with paperwork. Once i'd done one of the 3 vat returns I have to do this week, I got busy quilting....

Then things all went pete tong :O( after one row, I knew I didn't have enough thread, I'd thought I had 3 reels of the yellow thread but only had 1 left *sob* 
so frustrated I could've sobbed, I got the unpicker, unpicked it all and then pulled the quilt off the frame and chucked it in a bag.   Not to be beaten, I then got DD's pink chevron quilt out, used the nice girlie swimsuit IKEA fabric for the back 

and I've got a new reel of Aurifil ready to start quilting in the morning.

Just spent an hour choosing some yummy thread and it's now ordered and as soon as it arrives, Vomit quilting will be back on :)
Having a quick squiggle in a sketchbook to get some idea's.  Perhaps I'll  just quilt the white zigs or do them all but with white thread and then pink thread.
Going to check out my FMQ books for some inspiration before bed.

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  1. Oh dear:-( But wow - I can't believe how much you got done before the Vomit disaster - I want whatever you're on!

  2. I didn't realise you had a long-arm frame thingy - lucky you :) Good luck getting them both done!

  3. So nice Pippa!! Do you mind me asking what your machine is? And how you like your long arm frames? I don't have the space for them; but I keep browsing...lol. I like the look of your frames....birch; are they?

  4. spring must be in the air with all the cleaning going on, such a shame about the thread but more is on the way.

  5. Oh sorry you had a bad day P - the pink chevron quilt is beautiful! I totally hear you on the thread thing :(

  6. You are a busy lady! I love the way that quilting brings the patchwork to life but always before I start I ponder and ponder about how!


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