28 March, 2013

Aeroplane bag part 1

A word of warning, don't go on twitter when your feeling you want to make something but aren't sure you have the skills, I've been wanting to make a weekender bag since they all started appearing on blogland but I REALLY do not have the skills but when I saw the Aeroplane bag on Sew Sweetness I was half way to being sold on buying the pattern, wouldn't it be fab for retreat, then Katy and other naughty people namely Helen were talking about them and I thought oh what the hell, I'll buy the pattern and see.

So I'm looking through and the amount of interfacing, pellon, stuff I just can't get hold of here was totally overwhelming, was easily £25-30 for the zips and interfacing even if I bought it in the UK and i'm not the most patient of people lol. I dreamt of aeroplane bags that night and decided I'd take my aunt (who made my wedding dress) to the fabric shop here and see what we could use as alternatives. The same fabric shop that's having a massive sale....

We came home with green canvas, some cream canvas type fabric and I used swimming pool matting lol instead of thermoplus, some thick stand up felt, some woven interfacing, some cotton fabric and the 3 zips :O)

Yesterday I was busy cutting out shapes and I quilted the cotton to give it more strength, it's cotton, swimming pool matting then cream canvas, lol WIP Wednesday, what could it be ???
and made the straps from 2 layers of normal interfacing I had with the canvas

was so annoyed I had to stop to take the boy to football
On the way to football beautiful spring day
although it was such a beautiful day

and then I had the physio on my back, grrrr.
Set to at 8pm and made the bases with the thick felt....and then got to actually start the lining wow !!! The interfacing we bought is really thick so I'm not sure how the bag's going to turn out..but the thrilling bit, I managed to make a zippered pocket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well actually I made two *big grin* this from the girl that had never put a zip in anything before last year's retreat.

Its more of a boat than a plane and I've just made a zipped pocket #too thrilled from the girl that at retreat had never put a zip in anything

Feeling mentally exhausted from the stress of making the bag, I knew I had to stop.
So today I've got french lessons and I'm going to put the darts in, my aunt's coming to help me with the big zip. It's a bit difficult because the bernina hasn't got a walking foot so some of my top stitching is far from even and straight but she's sewing through lots of thick thick layers.

Can I just say this bag is indeed HUGE, it's more like a boat than an aeroplane, this is the long one and no wonder you can fit a sewing machine in there, I'm hoping all my clothes and equipment might get in there for retreat, will make a fab weekend bag.

so that's where I'm at lol...

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  1. Well done you! I'm daunted by these weekender/travel bags. Although I'd love one, I don't think I could do it justice!

  2. It looks brilliant already! Love the fabrics :) I have plans to tackle my bag gremlins too, but not for another month. They do involve a lot of intricate fiddly bits! Congratulations on getting them all in place so well (and for the genius work-arounds)!!

  3. Looks fantastic - I love your fabric choices. But what is swimming pool matting?? (And also how brilliant having an aunt living nearby who sews!)

  4. Great looking bag!!! I really like the pattern in the fabric.

  5. Your bag is going to be awesome! I've done small tote bags and zipper pouches, but I have yet to attempt something like this bag. I hate fiddling with all those thick seams!

  6. I am glad I am not the only one that gets tempted to buy, I have about 7 books on making bags but not worked out how to make any yet!!
    Yours is coming along a treat, look forward to seeing it finished, the speed you work at would not be surprised to see it all done tomorrow, best of luck

  7. The only zips I put in were in my dresses so pretty straight forward not tried it in a bag. I find if I make the bags to big I always have to fill them then I can never carry them very far. Love the fabrics.

  8. well done ... its all about using what you have/whats available ... and more importantly... what works for you xx now we just want to see the finished boat... whoops! bag xx

  9. I love the balloon fabric, what a great choice!

  10. hmm.. i'm satisfied Good luck ^_^


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