14 March, 2013

A Google reader public service annoucement

Don't ask me why but Google have decided to close down their Google Reader service, they are keeping it open until 1st July to give people chance to find an alternative.

I use Android on my phone and tablet, firefox on my computers so I want an app that uses both. I tried bloglovin but hated the android app but I'm really loving Feedly I downloaded the app and went to the website and used my google details and wooosh all my reader blogs have migrated. Plus I get twitter and facebook feeds on it too, I like the look of it and have kept my on magazine style but there are more and you can change your preferences.

This is the info about how they are going to continue from 1st July, I suggest you give it a good trial and i'll be interested to see what happens when their servers get really busy which may happen in the next few days as everyone tries to jump from the Google reader boat and find a lifejacket :)
I *think* google friend connect might stay although I can see them forcing more Google+ things onto us, we get a blog for free though, perhaps its time to look for alternatives but I like blogger and atm I'm sticking with them.

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  1. I want to stay too! I will try this Feedy out Google + is just not to my liking even though I have an account. Thanks for the information!

  2. Uck! Thanks for posting - I'm going to check this out. I would have been lost at sea, lost I tell ya! so this is very timely. I'm looking to get a tablet, and have recently got an android phone and decided I like android better then ios so this is a relief.

  3. Oooh thanks for the heads up. I am downloading Feedly immediately. Will let you know how I get on. xxxx

  4. Honestly? I have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!

  5. I am with Dianne I struggle with anything but the basics. Do not use Twitter, I have a facebook page but do not use it now. Only have a 'granny' phone. It does mean that my grandchildren never want to play with it. I know I will get more involved with the techi world one day.

  6. I am another one who is a bit muddled by this news. I haven`t a clue about it all but think it might be something to do with posting via your phone??? as you mention apps. I do not have this facility so does that mean I carry on as normal or maybe I will no longer be able to blog


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