31 March, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

March is coming to an end, it's not been a bad month for us weatherwise, bit tough in the personal department but hopefully we're coming through the other side for the moment anyway.

I was quite shocked when I did the mosaic because I thought that the vomit was my main finish for this month.

I've made 2 cushions, the mazog I finished literally 2 hours ago and it's ready to be wrapped up for DH's birthday on 18th. I quilted and finished the vomit quilt and Amelia's pink zig zag. Only made 2 bee blocks this month which I loved, I haven't managed the quiet play or castle BOM for March so am behind on both going in to April. Amelia and I have been busy making the rabbits wall hanging and easter carrots. She's made a cushion too. The ironing board cover was a quick make but it was a finish and the big finish for this week was the aeroplane bag, 2 days from buying the pattern to buying fabric and finishing the bag, plus life got in the way too lol :O)
I've made some siblings together blocks for the girly quilt and started 25 blocks for the craftsy course... busy month

Making cakes has also been a bit of an obsession which has to stop in April, diet starts again on Tuesday...yes I know I said it a few weeks ago but for real this time :)

Linking up as always to the wonderful Lynne@Lily's quilts, go check our her skirts she's made some awesome ones.

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30 March, 2013

Spring forward

Tonight the clocks go forward and it's supposed to feel like Spring, not here it isn't lol..it's been raining all day

Not much sewing done, (read none except for hand stitching the bag lining closed) but I have bought some fabric

Pink Castle has a silly bunch of fabrics at 6$ a yard and a discount code of SPRING20 for a further 20% off. She can fit 10.5yds in an envelope too so I had to buy 21 half yards, lol, I've got a lot of backings and tbh I didn't really need any of these but at that price, who can resist :)
oh and I got the colour pink in Cindy's charm swop so ordered 2 yards of pink/red spotty Michael Miller fabric :O)

I've been busy making individual simnel cakes, they are truly delish and not that fiddly to make, I've gifted some to neighbours and some to family, still 13 left for us :O)
Today its individual simnel cakes

And finally, I'm thrilled to see Kaaren is doing another BOM, well actually it's a row a month, I'm going into it knowing I'm not going to keep up but I love her stitcheries and it'll give me something to do over the summer rather than EPPing hexagons lol.. If you'd like to join in, click on the picture for more details. It starts on April 1st :O)

Incase I don't get chance tomorrow, Happy Easter :O) here's our basket waiting for the easter bunny to come.


I think there may be some more eggs and Lindt bunnies in there tomorrow lol

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29 March, 2013

TGIFF Aeroplane bag

Last week was the vomit quilt and this week, a completely unexpected finish. I'm linking up to TGIFF this week for my Aeroplane bag

See here for Part 1 of the construction and then Thursday night, I got busy finishing it off... have to say I lost count of the number of needles I broke, mainly because I didn't use the interfacing I should have, because I haven't ever used the correct interfacing I'm not sure just how stiff the bag should be.


It was incredibly easy, detailed pattern and instructions, go and check out Sew Sweetness because she's added a really cute bag to her patterns today..... considering I have only put 3 or so zips in anything and haven't used any proper thick interfacing i'm thrilled with it, I have managed to put a 2 yard roll of batting in there and it was still only half full.  It's hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Amelia's little sewing machine fits in there.

Please don't ever look at my topstitching, the Bernina doesn't have a walking foot and it was sewing through 1/4" thick felt, canvas, batting, lining with interlining so understandably it jumped here and there.
I'm definitely going to make another one but will probably get the correct batting/interfacing.

Don't be too frightened, I made DH model the bag this morning so you could see just how big and roomy it is, he's 6ft3 and quite *large* cough cough...and it still is big with him lol...
Dh being a bag model,as you can see the bag is big,

And as today is Good Friday, I whipped some hot cross buns up in the bread machine yesterday and these were dutifully consumed this morning
Sticky hot cross buns for the morning

Happy Good Friday :)

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28 March, 2013

Aeroplane bag part 1

A word of warning, don't go on twitter when your feeling you want to make something but aren't sure you have the skills, I've been wanting to make a weekender bag since they all started appearing on blogland but I REALLY do not have the skills but when I saw the Aeroplane bag on Sew Sweetness I was half way to being sold on buying the pattern, wouldn't it be fab for retreat, then Katy and other naughty people namely Helen were talking about them and I thought oh what the hell, I'll buy the pattern and see.

So I'm looking through and the amount of interfacing, pellon, stuff I just can't get hold of here was totally overwhelming, was easily £25-30 for the zips and interfacing even if I bought it in the UK and i'm not the most patient of people lol. I dreamt of aeroplane bags that night and decided I'd take my aunt (who made my wedding dress) to the fabric shop here and see what we could use as alternatives. The same fabric shop that's having a massive sale....

We came home with green canvas, some cream canvas type fabric and I used swimming pool matting lol instead of thermoplus, some thick stand up felt, some woven interfacing, some cotton fabric and the 3 zips :O)

Yesterday I was busy cutting out shapes and I quilted the cotton to give it more strength, it's cotton, swimming pool matting then cream canvas, lol WIP Wednesday, what could it be ???
and made the straps from 2 layers of normal interfacing I had with the canvas

was so annoyed I had to stop to take the boy to football
On the way to football beautiful spring day
although it was such a beautiful day

and then I had the physio on my back, grrrr.
Set to at 8pm and made the bases with the thick felt....and then got to actually start the lining wow !!! The interfacing we bought is really thick so I'm not sure how the bag's going to turn out..but the thrilling bit, I managed to make a zippered pocket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well actually I made two *big grin* this from the girl that had never put a zip in anything before last year's retreat.

Its more of a boat than a plane and I've just made a zipped pocket #too thrilled from the girl that at retreat had never put a zip in anything

Feeling mentally exhausted from the stress of making the bag, I knew I had to stop.
So today I've got french lessons and I'm going to put the darts in, my aunt's coming to help me with the big zip. It's a bit difficult because the bernina hasn't got a walking foot so some of my top stitching is far from even and straight but she's sewing through lots of thick thick layers.

Can I just say this bag is indeed HUGE, it's more like a boat than an aeroplane, this is the long one and no wonder you can fit a sewing machine in there, I'm hoping all my clothes and equipment might get in there for retreat, will make a fab weekend bag.

so that's where I'm at lol...

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25 March, 2013

There's a new charm square swop

I've signed up, what's not to love, we can buy the fabric, Cindy will give us discount and cut it up !!!! or we send her our charm squares and swop :)

Here's all the info HERE

How can you not sign up ?????
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24 March, 2013

Sunday Sewing

Gosh, I love that Amelia is wanting to sew but every time I sneak into the sewing room on the weekend, BAM !!! mum, can we do this, mum can we sew that....
She'd seen the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co I love Jenny's tutorials and i'm halfway through her craftsy course too :)

Anyway, this afternoon the orange and green scraps were gone through, I drew a triangle on some fabric and 30 minutes later we were hand stitching the leaves on... so here's our bunch of carrots ready for the Easter Bunny

I knew that carrot fabric would come in handy some time lol...

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23 March, 2013

What I got upto on my Friday Night Sew in

To be honest, I didn't really do much, I was snuggled up on the settee and did some more lozenges collation, nothing more and still I have 10 little squares to add in and sew up and then it'll be ready to turn into a bolster cushion I hope..... I'm hoping the sewing might be a nice Easter project so I can sit with the kids and watch tv, especially as a bit chilly here today.


I've done my motherly duty and taken the boy and his 2 friends, 20 miles each way to footie this morning, sat there and watched them play

and ferried them all back home... Made lunch and am now contemplating going food shopping so I don't have to on Monday lol..

Exciting eh NOT !!!!

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22 March, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Handmade by Heidi

Tonight is Friday Night sew in and I'm hoping that DH will bugger off into the workshop and I can get busy doing some quilting on that cushion, if he doesn't I'll be sitting and sewing up some Lozenges.

I've been quite naughty.... I didn't take much persuasion but I signed up for

I love Craftsy courses and this comes with a piece of cake pattern, a hashtag pattern, a HST/charm pack design yourself and the SWOON pattern...how fab is that and currently 25% off with this link

I've watched the intro and how to cut and piece the piece of cake pattern. I didn't want to buy more fabric so instead of using a layer cake as recommended I've cut into my quilt block fabric stash and some solids.... Last night I cut it all out and am hoping to cut some of the neutral colours over the weekend so I'm ready to start piecing it.

And this afternoon I have been busy making cakes, there are Victoria Sandwiches with cherry jam, sponge cake with strawberry icing and coffee and walnut cakes with icing too :) I need to practice my piping more but tbh we all prefer the cakes without icing on lol...

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20 March, 2013

Scrap Vomit FINISHED !!!!

I'm linking this up today to TGIFF because it's a whopping finish for me :)

The sun shone, I frantically sewed the binding on and finished at midday today !!!
and the SCRAP VOMIT IS FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#scrapvomit finished yay

Dh chose the binding which is I think (lime) sketch and it really is quite perfect.  The quilting was a nightmare, the frame didn't want to play nice and I wanted to try a funny take on chemistry bottles/boots. The thread from Superior is yummy though, it's variegated but changes every inch or so and I bought multicolour, it's blue, aqua, red, yellow, green, orange, ohhh it's fab. I think I may be investing in a cone of it. ( I still couldn't get hold of any aurifil polyester which is a shame because I think it's cheaper than superior because you get more on the cone)

The backing was a nightmare too, I'd bought oakshotts in tigers eye especially for it and when I loaded it back on the frame I realised it was practically see through on the back and you could see every seam through the back so it had to go.  Luckily I had a new sheet to use and I think it's a perfect backing, so much more *us* than plain but silky oakshott.

The Back

Just fits the wall lol....#scrapvomit back

I'm even tempted to make a vomit cushion, Katy is indeed a witch and yes they are strangely addictive.  I hated piecing it but now i'm thinking hmm when I make my next one lol...

So it's about 70" square, it has been pieced with Aurifil 50wt, has a fleece batting, quilted with Superior polyester and backed with a supermarket cotton sheet :)

Now onto my next project......

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19 March, 2013

I know lots of you are moving over to Bloglovin, I'm still playing with Feedly for the moment but have moved my blogs to Bloglovin to see which I prefer.
If you want to follow me on bloglovin click here or I'll leave it on the sidewall too :O)

Follow on Bloglovin

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17 March, 2013

International quilting day

Yesterday was International (Worldwide) Quilting Day

Worldwide Quilting Day
And did I do my bit for quilting, well yes I did, our fabric shop was having a massive sale but only 30% off quilting fabrics which at 18E a yard for normalish, dowdyish fabric even at 30% it didn't float my boat. So instead I bought some cute backing for the girly siblings quilt.

I bought some giraffe fabric is to make quilt/duvet covers for the motorhome so they actually match this year. (dh has a thing about snails and giraffes)
There was some princess fabric, owls and strawberry shortcake, some threads were purchased 50cts a reel and some fabric paint amongst other bits.

DH bought a Wurlitzer Juke box for his birthday present so I didn't feel at all guilty with my little purchase.

Then the nice postie delivered my superior threads so I can get the vomit quilt loaded hopefully, but I feel like p00 with a really heavy, horrible, chesty, yukky cold so can't actually be bothered atm.

DD woke up and said *we're sewing today, I want to make a cushion* ohhh please no.... but she insisted, got her machine out and was threatening to cut the fabric up on her own. So being the dutiful mummy, I cut the fabric for her and she pinned,sewed (with adult supervision) and is a very proud 5 year old and I have to say i'm a proud mummy because she has made this yummy cushion.

I grabbed 4 remaining partial blocks I had from the zig zag quilt, sewed them together, did some straight line quilting in a zig zag on it, shoved a back on and for the first time bound them with binding.I do like how they look but if I'm going to be doing it alot, I'll be learning how to machine the binding on properly, but then I spent a comfortable hour hand stitching it this afternoon, so was quite relaxing.

Amelia's gone to bed quite happy tonight, surrounded by her cushions, her quilt and as ever, Hello Kitty :O)

I'm hoping to get either DH's cushion quilted, if he disappears off into the workshop tonight or get the vomit quilt on the frame, could be a week of finishes if normal life doesn't get in the way.
Happy Sunday x
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14 March, 2013

Spoonflower labels

I've been trying for ages to get a quilt label sorted out and as I'm going to be quilting loads, I wanted to get a label sorted.

I uploaded it to spoonflower and now I need to wait 9 days :O)

I'm worried as Dh said he can't read the poem, oh well it's too late now so we'll have to see when they arrive. I just loved the font :(

For those that struggle like dh it says
"This quilt is made with tiny scraps, of fabric from my fabric stash. Each piece is sewn in special place. To bring a big smile to your face"

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