19 February, 2013

What's in a mag?

Well,halfway through my holiday in UK and I am getting itchy hands because I purposely left my EPP at home, mistake made and learnt from but I am making giant pompom for my ds now. Anyway I did get my copy of love quilting and patchwork. It's a great mag and European delivery is only £1 more. It had tula pink interview,Katy's (imagingermonkey) vomit quilt (with bits of my scrap squares in) best blogging sites including Lynne@Lilys Quilts and loads of modern quilters, shops, fabrics and notions.  Highly recommended. Can't work out how to move photos on this blogger app so think they might be at end. I'll leave you with the piccie of the privit golfer (isn't the label placement a giggle) have a great day x


  1. Envious of your mag candy, and yea for Lynne, Katy and others being featured :-)

  2. Me too Annabella! I will be buying loads when I am in the UK! Hope you are having a good time Pippa. Hugs x

  3. I've just bought this too! Hope you are enjoying the UK

  4. I couldn't get it in any of our local shops so had to order it too! Apparently I will get a free book with it, but we'll wait to see if that actually happens.... Glad you are enjoying the mag - hope the Pom Pom is going well. :-)


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