25 February, 2013

Week 8 Scrap Vomit

After arriving home, I'm so glad we went and did a massive food shop on Saturday because there was something rather unexpected.....

We had over 5" of snow and this time round it's been the perfect kind of snow to make snowmen, we're still snowed in and it's still snowing off and on.

Hoping it might defrost tomorrow.
And I've been playing around with the phone camera and panoramic piccies and borders.

While the kids have been occupied elsewhere I've been busy vomitting, in the fabric sense and all 25 blocks are now finished.

my squares aren't all 14.5" (I must test my 1/4 inch foot placement on the bernina) so I'm trying a new to me technique involving freezer paper and ironing, starching and steaming the blocks into submission.

1st row is sewn up, another 4 to go :)

First #vomit row sewn up now all blocks are done :)

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  1. You go girl! Congrats on finishing the blocks! I have been sidetracked and need to start working on them again.


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