18 February, 2013

Vomit Week 7

I'm hoping this scheduled post works, because I'm not actually here, I'm currently in the UK visiting my family in Kent. The kids and I are back on Friday so if things are quiet, it's my new phone not liking blogger, if i'm posting lots, it's cos the new phone rocks :)

I managed a single vomit square, which is frustrating but not being here for half of the days, probably has something to do with it.
Here's the block

And here are some of my favourite bits in it, the tractor, need I say more, definitely one of DS's Fav fabrics.  The Pezzy because I haven't ever had any and this was sent to me in a scrap swop

And this one is cute hot air balloons....

I've now only got 5 blocks to go WHEY HEY !!!! I'm hoping that as it's still half term when I get back I can sneak in to the sewing room and get another one or two blocks done, I'd really like it ready to sew up early March so I can get it quilted and finished in time for my Birthday :O)

Happy Half Term to those with kids xxx
See you when I get back

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  1. You are getting there my dear! Looking great - it will be an I Spy quilt too!!

  2. have a great time with the family, the blocks are coming along a treat and I am sure you will meet your deadline you are so quick with your work.

  3. Keep going, it's looking great.

  4. Oh I do enjoy my weekly vomit *bleugh* over at yours :-)

  5. One is better than none looking good So it was you who brought the sun


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