11 February, 2013

Vomit Week 6

Gosh, week 6 already, I only managed one block last week, well actually I made it today, my weekend was taken up with the tote bag I blogged about on Saturday and yesterday I managed to find time to make a portholes inspired notebook, which I'll edit the post if I get chance to find the photo, I'm running out the door to the physio in a minute.

EDITED here's the piccie of the portholes notebook cover
#sundaysewing @lusummers portholes and sketch notebook to go with yesterday's tote bag

So here's today's block, not the most inspiring I have to say, I do like the m&m's christmas fabric and the bottom right hexi's are a fav, mine you the sweetcorn is cute... Ok so it's not such a bad block.

I'm away next week so hoping to get some of the final 6 blocks whipped up tomorrow.  It's a cleaning upstairs and sewing day tomorrow :)

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  1. Oh no, no pic of your hubby with a quilt in the wind today :-) Keep vomiting! *bleugh*

  2. Hope physio not to tough. enjoy nest week.

  3. I am loving the M&M's! So cute. Another great block.


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