04 February, 2013

Vomit Week #5

Yup, it's Monday morning again and means week 5 is starting on the #vomit quilt,I've now got 7 blocks to go, this week I made another A Block so I've got 13 and 12 B blocks in my quilt and made 4 more B blocks.
I'm hoping I might get the blocks finished in Feb and it put together in March. I'm waiting on backing fabric, I had a marvelous deal from Oakshott, a 5m mini roll for £15 !!!! and if I spent over £50 free delivery to France. So I'm now waiting for 20m of fabric to come, should be enough for a siblings quilt backing or two. Also bought some batting to be delivered to UK, creative grids have 10% off and I get a further 10% off because I've bought from them before, so a King size and some yardage of batting, would be rude not to wouldn't it :O)

Anyway, here are my 4 B Blocks made this week

Scooby Doo is my DD's favourite although I'm partial to the bird on the sofa.

I LOVE the racing helmet on this block

and this is the result of leaving the children to look after the puppy :( So I'm back with my old camera and looking for a new one.  Am really tempted by Samsung Smart Camera WB150F Wifi. For £100 I can get this 16MP 18X zoom wifi camera, that is the selling point for me atm because all of my piccies get uploaded to the net one way or the other and I get so fed up of plugging it or the card in to the laptop all the time.

DH fancies a bridge camera but I'm really not sure I'd know what to do with it lol...
Any advice on a cheapish camera ?? and please link up below if you've done a vomit block this week

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  1. Poppy was almost 3 before she stopped chewing things she shouldn't.
    No idea about camera's Im afraid good luck with that. Great deal on the fabric, and batting.

  2. Poor camera - a bridge camera is really easy to use but you get some really good images! The vomit *bleugh* blocks are looking great!

  3. I have no idea about cameras to be honest. Those white ones advertised at the moment look cute (not cheap though, no doubt).
    Vomit is coming along well.

  4. Vomit blocks coming along so well, you really are quick at these blocks. I have a sony camera, seems to be okay like you say it is a bore having to plug into the computer to download all the time, had no idea you could get a camera that does it automatically or have I got the wrong end of the stick. You did get a good buy with your fabric and wadding.


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