22 February, 2013

Sitting in the clouds

I'm sitting up in the clouds, thinking of the Robson & Jerome song (was it up in the clouds???) and dreaming of my sewing room and setting to next week.  It'll be a few days of catching up with cleaning,shopping and cooking over the weekend. My kids have another weeks holiday so some lie ins,sneaking into sewing room and chilling out. As we left stansted it was snowing but fingers crossed home won't be like that. Nice to be away but fantastic to be on our way home. Plus there may be some IKEA fabric in my bag lol,plus the security didn't find my new unpickers....hehe I'm a rebel


  1. Welcome back... no snow here....yet!

  2. Sunshine whilst .you were here snow on you leaving still snowing fingers crossed it does not settle. Hope you had a lovely time with your family. Always nice to get back to your own bed.

  3. you have had a great break here in the UK, now you can catch up with your friends and stitching etc, after all the housework is done of course!


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