05 February, 2013

Siblings Together

I got cutting yesterday afternoon,

the yummy bar code fabric and lots of my remix from my Fat Quarter shop birthday gift card from DH, I really love this collection and have looked at it so many times, I originally bought it to make a plus quilt with but decided it was definitely preteen/teenage boy material and would make a great Siblings quilt.

I decided on a Disappearing 9 patch and sewed up 5 really large 9 patches.

Then tonight, I cut them all in half and then half again, they finished at 12.75" in the end and after crippling myself further all the family got together to sort out the layout, I *think* I've managed to get the barcode fabric all facing the right way up and not to have any fabrics next to each other...
It should finish about 50 x 60ish...

Here it is ready to sew together, probably won't get to touch it until Friday afternoon. I've got patchwork club, french lessons and my first physio for my back on Friday morning.  Hopefully by Sunday i'll have a finished top :)

I'm really loving this quilt and DS has already asked if he could have it, I've explained it's going to special kids and all about Siblings Together but he thinks he's special enough to get it... hard luck eh
I've got some fab black and white cow skin fabric that I think will make a really cool backing

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  1. B&W cow fabric will make an awesome background! Look at you almost finished your Sibling quilt!! ;) Well done!!!

  2. Looks fantastic - and the cow skin fabric is a great choice for the back.

  3. Looks great Pippa - love the D9P pattern

  4. This is a lovely Siblings quilt .... I must get cracking on mine! Great work Pippa x

  5. this has worked so very well Pippa, the cow fabric sounds great for a backing too. You work at such a pace, in between French lessons, classes etc.

  6. What a great way to get a patchwork design. Hope the physio helps you. x

  7. It's perfect Pippa - looks like you may have to hide it when it's made!


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