08 February, 2013

Siblings Flimsy finish !!!!

It has been a Fab Friday, after our delish coffee and cakes, dh surprised me by offering to take me out to lunch...oeeer :O)

I had put the quilt into rows by then and after our fairly yummy four course lunch and yes, there may have been some (Small amount) of mummy juice involved.... I stitched it all together, quite surprised that I managed to get the seams matching fairly well *YIPEE*

So while DH was in a mellow mood, come help me take a piccie cos the wall (The one I usually use) is soaking wet (it snowed while we were out to lunch)

Usually I get the kids to help me model quilts, so please excuse dh (notice the black clouds in the background, fingers crossed it's snow and football tomorrow gets cancelled)
He went one way, nope, too much wind
And the other side near the van, nooo doesn't work either

Nearly there and yes it probably would've done for a flimsy photo but I really like winding him up

So here against the workshop wall

and his comment, come on it's fu****g freezing, let's go in

I remembered that I bought this cotton sheet for the backing of the plus quilt that was to be made out of the fabric, I think it'll work great for this backing don't you ??? I'm frustrated because I've run out of Aurifil white in 40 & 50wt so need to order some before I can get quilting :O(

And more happy mail, four of my bee blocks have made it home, don't you think this is going to make a gorgeous quilt.

Here's hoping I get some time tonight to sew some vomit squares up :O)

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  1. looking good and that backing is perfect! Sounds like a great Friday. :-)

  2. Loving your siblings quilt, I bet you were frozen taking those pictures, rather you than me!! Hugs x

  3. Hey Pippa!!! I really love the colors used in your quilt top...and hubby did fantasti ..lol The fabric for the back is great too

  4. You are mean he takes you out for lunch and you repay him by standing out in the cold. Next time let have a pair of gloves....... Flimsy is looking good. Backing fabric a good match.

  5. You should be nicer to him or he won't take you out again! Lovely quilt!

  6. what a good sport, some husbands would not have helped like yours did, maybe it was the mummy juice! The quilt looks splendid


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