14 February, 2013

Happy Valentines, Quilt u be Mine reveal and Giveaway

oh yes, it's a busy day today, lots going on and lots to reveal.
Firstly, DH bought my tulips awwww

and these cute sweeties, they are from Lidls
I cannot believe the effort that's gone into making the cute little rose, they are just too gorgeous 

See, romance isn't dead, I gave him a torch lol, how romantic eh !!! We were supposed to be going out to lunch but I decided I'd cook a meal, then had to make a osteopath/physio appointment for tonight, so it might be a late meal.

and now DAHDAH the big Quilt u be mine round robin reveal, way back in October I sent off my embroidery and border, then it went to three different parts of America and came home to me in time for Valentines.

 Here are the first two borders, cute oxo's and then gorgeous ribbon work, the pen lines are mine, possible quilting lines, but I'm not sure.  Did think I might hand quilt it *gasp* but I'd probably get bored and it'd end up a UFO

Any quilting ideas ???

This is it fully revealed, there is a bit of wonk on the next few borders and I love the scrappy rectangle border (do you call it a piano key border??? can't think of the proper name)

Then it's finished off with a plain red and white border, I'm contemplating adding another one but tbh it's probably going to just be a wall hanging and so is big enough.

Do you think I could make it into a siblings together quilt if I made it larger ??? The embroidery is a brother and sister, but I'm not sure kids would like it.

And finally, because I got busy on Tuesday and I'm hoping this post gets some traffic, I'm offering one of these pincushions to two winners as a little giveaway

You'll be able to choose which one you'd like and I'll pop them in the post when I get back.
Followers get an extra entry and I'll be drawing the winner on Saturday 23rd. Good luck

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  1. love the red and wjite of the quilt, and especially like the embroidered centre block

  2. I gave my hubby a large bar of tobelerone! his favourite!

  3. Happy Valentines.
    Lots of love and gorgeousness on this post.
    Great quilt top .

  4. Your hubby did good and your quilt is great. Thanks for the chance to win one of your cute pincushions.

  5. Awesome tulips and sweeties - and nothin' wrong with a torch -- it says he lights up your life (or you light up his!)!!!

  6. very cute! I contemplated using a ribbon border, but didn't. But I did use the x's and o's on several of the pieces I added to, so I'm really enjoying the nearly finished look of yours.
    the pincushions are darling.

  7. Sounds like you had a nice Valentine's Day Mine is just beginning and yours is nearly ended I love your Quilt U Be Mine top and Hubby stepped up and came through Enjoy

  8. Love the quilt, great finish for your group!

  9. Love how it turned out Pippa! The X's and O's are such a cute idea!

  10. Love how this turned out for you, Pippa! I think it turned out great. Can't wait to see how you quilt it; I can't figure out what to do with mine yet, either. Hmmm... Group 2 rocks!

  11. Well it hasn't happened yet because I'm still at work - it's lunch time - but I did buy him a dark chocolate and almond Lindt bar. He loves chocolate! I love your block. It is quite traditional but very pretty.

  12. I think it would be great for Siblings Together!

  13. I luv the Valentines quilt! i am checking them all out! You all did fabulous additions and ended up with lovely quilts!

  14. I am a loyal follower and a very big fan of your work!

  15. Your little quilts are gorgeous - hope you resolve your dilemma. I went hunting for the same sweets in our local Lidl's - sadly they don't seem to have made their way to the UK.

  16. I gave him a pasty and a candle and a heart book mark!

  17. That quilt is beautiful! I love all those sweet Valentine gifts....and your pin cushions are just so cute :-)


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