09 February, 2013

Glamping Glam

Do you remember I won a Glamping charm pack from my favourite fabric shop  Fabric Shack a few months ago. Well, I kept it safe and this morning decided I needed a new bag to take to UK next week.

I also have been so jealous of all the lovely tote bag swops but really didn't feel confident enough to take part and so knew I wanted a tote.

I copied the pattern here and made some adjustments.

I used 5" charm squares to make a bigger bag. I really like the glamping fabric but am not too sure on the red and brown colourway when the other colours are decidedly soft and girlie

Once my panels were sewn up I used one of the curvy ornamental stitches on the Bernina (yes 47 years old and they have ornamental stitches) to quilt through the top and batting.

I wanted to try a magnetic closure and my pocket had to have dividers for my phone, pens and as I am ALWAYS losing my keys in the depth of my bag I stitched an O ring into the pocket and when I get round to making a suitable key fob/chain I'm going to clip my keys onto the O ring so they don't get lost... cool eh :O)

There are some really yummy *glamping* fabrics, the caravan/trailers are cute too.

Here is the finished bag,

I'm really happy with it, it feels a happy bag and considering the snow we've had today it's making me smile which can only be a good thing :)

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  1. Very cool tote! Glamping is a great line and I love your first Glamping make. Perfect for le shopping!

  2. Love it! I love making tote bags, have been making some to take to UK with me using Green Bag Lady pattern, they are so easy to put in your handbag. x

  3. Looks a lovely retro style and great colour combination. Some of the charms look fantastic with the pictures. Can sometimes find in charm packs that the bigger pictures get inappropriately chopped!

  4. Such a cute bag!! Love the addition for the key ring - great idea

  5. That's really pretty - snd I know what you mean about always losing your keys in your bag!

  6. I was always losing my keys in the bottom of my bag so I sewed a loop in my bag and attached a camping clip snap hook you can get them on ebay this means that I can now attach separate keys and have them all in the same place. it works a treat.
    That bag would brighten any day love having one off's.

  7. a great bag and love the idea with the keys, why haven`t I thought of that, the time spent searching and at the front door when I think I have lost them somewhere!
    Enjoy your visit to UK, wonder where you are going to be and fingers crossed the snow that is forecast has been and gone before you arrive.

  8. I think all of us girls lose our keys at the bottom of our bags - it's our job! Lovely bag - so happy!

  9. Your tote is lovely, Pippa! I love making totes because they are so fast to finish.

  10. Oh it's cute Pippa!!! I love it. It has a very retro feel - I am imagining you on a bicycle with this hanging off the handlebars!

  11. Beautiful! I got myself the 5" charm pack as well, but doing something totally different with it. That will be later in the FB page.


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