01 February, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day January

Lily's Quilts
I'm linking up to Lynne at Lily's Quilts once again, have to say on a personal level I am very glad to see the back of February, January has not been a good month for us and I'm hoping this is not how the rest of 2013 will continue.
Home life has therefore affected my quilting life.

I did get my bro's quilt cut, stitched, quilted and finished which was only started on NYE :)

A car seat blanket for my neighbours new son got bound, finished and gifted.

I've been busy doing lots of new techniques and blocks.

Reverse Applique

January BOM

Sashiko hexagon block

Bee block's for Sew Euro Bee An :)

And there has been lots and lots and lots of vomit, blocks and the other kind in January :)

I'm hoping that February will finally see the end of Vomit blocks (although I am away for a week and another week of school hols) and that in March it can be sewn up.  Also hoping we don't get the lurgies again and that things in the Parsons's household will pick up :)

Here's to a fab Feb !!!

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  1. Some really fun stuff here, love the plus quilt! : )

  2. You have been busy Pippa! I plan to sew my scrap vomit blocks tonight during the FNSI. Hope Feb. is a better month for you.

  3. Wow what a lot you done. Hope the dog is ok.

  4. It sure looks like you got a lot done last month! Hope everything is better now!

  5. you have excelled with all your creations during january. Especially like the Bee`s blocks with a colour just in the centre. Happy february stitching

  6. Considering what you have had to put up with, you have done amazingly. Hope Feb is better for you. Lovely makes Pippa!

  7. Wow you have had a great month.
    Lots of gorgeousness.

  8. I can't imagine what you'll get done in Feb. if sickness in Jan saw this much created. Nicely done. Love the blocks and colours for the sew Euro Bee An . The name of the Bee is a killer too.


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