02 February, 2013

During my Friday night with friends

I had a nice time, chatting to my DH, watching over the poor puppy who had come home from the vets after being spayed. Doesn't she look a bit sorry for herself today. She's got the huge collar on for 10 days so she doesn't eat her stitches.

I had printed out the February castle BOM and got busy stitching along, I love paper piecing, it's so lovely when everything matches up and I find it comes together quite quickly. This morning I stitched in on to January's block and now I have this.

Next month's looks a bit more difficult as we have some curved stone walls to do. I know it's not the normal castle colours but I'm having fun and using up my scraps :O)

The Sewing PP to do perhaps this afternoon.

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  1. She looks so sad I hate it when they look at you like that. Castle coming along nicely.

  2. It turned out beautifully. Glad your puppy is doing well.

  3. Oh poor puppy - I felt so bad when we had our dog castrated! Great paper piecing Pippa!

  4. poor pup, she does look sorry for herself. Castle looks good


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