26 February, 2013

Liebster award

Celine nominated me for the Liebsters Award, it's been a while since I had one of these and things have changed a bit so thought I'd have another go. It has taken me ages to write this post though
I only just qualify, another 5 followers to go *grin*

To qualify, you need to have under 200 hundred followers (me) or be under 6 months old in blogging terms, and then do the following:

1.List 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer 11 random questions
3. Choose 11 blogs to pass it on to
4. Create 11 questions for those 11 people

Here it goes, 11 random things

1, I'm a Taurian and most definitely a classic one,
Patient and reliable,Warmhearted and loving,Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving

2, I've moved around alot, was born in Bath, lived in Greenford, Milton Keynes, Brighton, Shoreham, Horsham, Upper Beeding, Antibes (France) and now rural life in Central France.

3, I played the Cello as a kid

4, If I lost uk tv I'd move back like a shot, can't be doing without my brit soaps, although I actually don't tend to watch them, I'm on the computer or sewing and have it on more for background noise, it infuriates dh :)

5, I met DH in an online chat room on Millennium eve.

6, I love London and feel as if I've come *home* when I come over, I love the tubes, the hustle, the atmosphere, everything. I had such a blast working in St James's Street before I married dh

7, I hate banana's, pea's of any kind and most beans !!!!

8, If I could have any take away meal (and we could actually get them here in France, which we can't except having to go out to collect the pizza or pork/turkey kebab, which sorta is against the whole principal of takeaway) it'd probably be Indian, I'd have chicken tandoori starter, poppadoms with pickles, king prawn balti with naan and saag aloo... no room for dessert lol..

9, I started patchwork because I loved the How to make an American quilt and there was a club starting up in one of our villages and I thought it would be a good way to mix with the French more.

10, I text or phone my DH to come in from the workshop and come to bed cos it's easier and I'm lazy lol

11, I have a fabric addiction

Here are the answers to Celine's probing questions lol

1. When did you start quilting and why?
Answered in Random no 9 and I think it was late 2005/2006, had fits and starts and a big break in 2008-2010 because of living in a mobile home and not having room for the sewing machine

2. Where do you dream of living one day?
I'm pretty much living my dream, once the house and garden is finished because we've completely renovated a cow shed it's our perfect house, There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, quilting room and all the landscaping and finishing off outside to do, so won't be for a while yet

3 What is your favourite book?
Little women

4. Black of milk chocolate?
Milk and preferably fruit and nut

5. What is your favourite gadget (not sewing related)?
easy one, my new Nexus 4 phone :O)

6. Who is your favourite famous person?
hmmm not sure I've got one, bit of a cop out eh

7. What is your favourite notion?
If you can call the sizzix big shot a notion, it'd be that....I cannot believe how it has changed my quilting, binding strips, borders, accuracy of cutting... love it

8. What pattern would like to try one day?
I'd love to try a weekender bag or 241 tote but am not confident enough, for a quilt pattern i'd love just to be more adventurous

9. What is your favourite colour?
Clothes black cos it's slimming (but boring) I love red but don't wear or quilt with it enough.

10. If you had to pick one word to describe you, what would it be?
Fat lol... harsh but true :)

11. Are you usually taking part in swaps bees etc or have you never tried it (yet!)?
I have entered into some swops and am in my first ever bee this year, it's enjoyable and challenging not to muck up someone's blocks.

Here's the 11 blogs I'm nominating

1 Margie Stitcher
2 Nadine @thecreative bliss
3 shevvy
4 Diane@thecheshirequilter
5 Gertie@quiltingforengland
6 Christine@grapes-hearts
7 Di@willowbeckdesigns
8 archiethewonderdog
10 Amanda@scissorsandthread
11 indianna dreams

And my 11 probing questions
1) Name 4 things that are in reaching distance of you right now :)
2) What would your dream quilt shop be like?
3) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
4) Sweet or Savory ?
5) Stripes or Spots ?
6) What 3 things would you take with you to space ?
7) Who's your favourite fabric line/designer?
8) If you could describe yourself in 4 words what would they be?
9) Do you drink coffee or tea or something else ?
10) Why did you start/do you blog?
11) Have you met any RL bloggers ?

And now i'm off to catch up on Dallas and Good wife lol... I also signed up for Angela Walters Craftsy course
on Free motion quilting feathers, so am hoping to get 5 minutes of quiet time tomorrow to at least see/listen to the intro.  Lots of running around for eye tests and footie etc etc now the snow is slowly melting. Back to reality with a bump.

Have great evening

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25 February, 2013

Week 8 Scrap Vomit

After arriving home, I'm so glad we went and did a massive food shop on Saturday because there was something rather unexpected.....

We had over 5" of snow and this time round it's been the perfect kind of snow to make snowmen, we're still snowed in and it's still snowing off and on.

Hoping it might defrost tomorrow.
And I've been playing around with the phone camera and panoramic piccies and borders.

While the kids have been occupied elsewhere I've been busy vomitting, in the fabric sense and all 25 blocks are now finished.

my squares aren't all 14.5" (I must test my 1/4 inch foot placement on the bernina) so I'm trying a new to me technique involving freezer paper and ironing, starching and steaming the blocks into submission.

1st row is sewn up, another 4 to go :)

First #vomit row sewn up now all blocks are done :)

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23 February, 2013

And the winners are....

I got Rafflecopter to pick two winners and they are as you can see 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vikki and Liz, if you see this before I get around to emailing you, please email me with which pincushion you want and your snail mail addy's and I'll pop them in the post next week.

Hoping to be able to announce on Monday that my 5 vomit blocks are done, I've got 3 sewn into rows so far :) cannot wait to get it ready to put together.

22 February, 2013

Sitting in the clouds

I'm sitting up in the clouds, thinking of the Robson & Jerome song (was it up in the clouds???) and dreaming of my sewing room and setting to next week.  It'll be a few days of catching up with cleaning,shopping and cooking over the weekend. My kids have another weeks holiday so some lie ins,sneaking into sewing room and chilling out. As we left stansted it was snowing but fingers crossed home won't be like that. Nice to be away but fantastic to be on our way home. Plus there may be some IKEA fabric in my bag lol,plus the security didn't find my new unpickers....hehe I'm a rebel

19 February, 2013

What's in a mag?

Well,halfway through my holiday in UK and I am getting itchy hands because I purposely left my EPP at home, mistake made and learnt from but I am making giant pompom for my ds now. Anyway I did get my copy of love quilting and patchwork. It's a great mag and European delivery is only £1 more. It had tula pink interview,Katy's (imagingermonkey) vomit quilt (with bits of my scrap squares in) best blogging sites including Lynne@Lilys Quilts and loads of modern quilters, shops, fabrics and notions.  Highly recommended. Can't work out how to move photos on this blogger app so think they might be at end. I'll leave you with the piccie of the privit golfer (isn't the label placement a giggle) have a great day x

18 February, 2013

Vomit Week 7

I'm hoping this scheduled post works, because I'm not actually here, I'm currently in the UK visiting my family in Kent. The kids and I are back on Friday so if things are quiet, it's my new phone not liking blogger, if i'm posting lots, it's cos the new phone rocks :)

I managed a single vomit square, which is frustrating but not being here for half of the days, probably has something to do with it.
Here's the block

And here are some of my favourite bits in it, the tractor, need I say more, definitely one of DS's Fav fabrics.  The Pezzy because I haven't ever had any and this was sent to me in a scrap swop

And this one is cute hot air balloons....

I've now only got 5 blocks to go WHEY HEY !!!! I'm hoping that as it's still half term when I get back I can sneak in to the sewing room and get another one or two blocks done, I'd really like it ready to sew up early March so I can get it quilted and finished in time for my Birthday :O)

Happy Half Term to those with kids xxx
See you when I get back

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14 February, 2013

Happy Valentines, Quilt u be Mine reveal and Giveaway

oh yes, it's a busy day today, lots going on and lots to reveal.
Firstly, DH bought my tulips awwww

and these cute sweeties, they are from Lidls
I cannot believe the effort that's gone into making the cute little rose, they are just too gorgeous 

See, romance isn't dead, I gave him a torch lol, how romantic eh !!! We were supposed to be going out to lunch but I decided I'd cook a meal, then had to make a osteopath/physio appointment for tonight, so it might be a late meal.

and now DAHDAH the big Quilt u be mine round robin reveal, way back in October I sent off my embroidery and border, then it went to three different parts of America and came home to me in time for Valentines.

 Here are the first two borders, cute oxo's and then gorgeous ribbon work, the pen lines are mine, possible quilting lines, but I'm not sure.  Did think I might hand quilt it *gasp* but I'd probably get bored and it'd end up a UFO

Any quilting ideas ???

This is it fully revealed, there is a bit of wonk on the next few borders and I love the scrappy rectangle border (do you call it a piano key border??? can't think of the proper name)

Then it's finished off with a plain red and white border, I'm contemplating adding another one but tbh it's probably going to just be a wall hanging and so is big enough.

Do you think I could make it into a siblings together quilt if I made it larger ??? The embroidery is a brother and sister, but I'm not sure kids would like it.

And finally, because I got busy on Tuesday and I'm hoping this post gets some traffic, I'm offering one of these pincushions to two winners as a little giveaway

You'll be able to choose which one you'd like and I'll pop them in the post when I get back.
Followers get an extra entry and I'll be drawing the winner on Saturday 23rd. Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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11 February, 2013

Vomit Week 6

Gosh, week 6 already, I only managed one block last week, well actually I made it today, my weekend was taken up with the tote bag I blogged about on Saturday and yesterday I managed to find time to make a portholes inspired notebook, which I'll edit the post if I get chance to find the photo, I'm running out the door to the physio in a minute.

EDITED here's the piccie of the portholes notebook cover
#sundaysewing @lusummers portholes and sketch notebook to go with yesterday's tote bag

So here's today's block, not the most inspiring I have to say, I do like the m&m's christmas fabric and the bottom right hexi's are a fav, mine you the sweetcorn is cute... Ok so it's not such a bad block.

I'm away next week so hoping to get some of the final 6 blocks whipped up tomorrow.  It's a cleaning upstairs and sewing day tomorrow :)

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09 February, 2013

Glamping Glam

Do you remember I won a Glamping charm pack from my favourite fabric shop  Fabric Shack a few months ago. Well, I kept it safe and this morning decided I needed a new bag to take to UK next week.

I also have been so jealous of all the lovely tote bag swops but really didn't feel confident enough to take part and so knew I wanted a tote.

I copied the pattern here and made some adjustments.

I used 5" charm squares to make a bigger bag. I really like the glamping fabric but am not too sure on the red and brown colourway when the other colours are decidedly soft and girlie

Once my panels were sewn up I used one of the curvy ornamental stitches on the Bernina (yes 47 years old and they have ornamental stitches) to quilt through the top and batting.

I wanted to try a magnetic closure and my pocket had to have dividers for my phone, pens and as I am ALWAYS losing my keys in the depth of my bag I stitched an O ring into the pocket and when I get round to making a suitable key fob/chain I'm going to clip my keys onto the O ring so they don't get lost... cool eh :O)

There are some really yummy *glamping* fabrics, the caravan/trailers are cute too.

Here is the finished bag,

I'm really happy with it, it feels a happy bag and considering the snow we've had today it's making me smile which can only be a good thing :)

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08 February, 2013

Siblings Flimsy finish !!!!

It has been a Fab Friday, after our delish coffee and cakes, dh surprised me by offering to take me out to lunch...oeeer :O)

I had put the quilt into rows by then and after our fairly yummy four course lunch and yes, there may have been some (Small amount) of mummy juice involved.... I stitched it all together, quite surprised that I managed to get the seams matching fairly well *YIPEE*

So while DH was in a mellow mood, come help me take a piccie cos the wall (The one I usually use) is soaking wet (it snowed while we were out to lunch)

Usually I get the kids to help me model quilts, so please excuse dh (notice the black clouds in the background, fingers crossed it's snow and football tomorrow gets cancelled)
He went one way, nope, too much wind
And the other side near the van, nooo doesn't work either

Nearly there and yes it probably would've done for a flimsy photo but I really like winding him up

So here against the workshop wall

and his comment, come on it's fu****g freezing, let's go in

I remembered that I bought this cotton sheet for the backing of the plus quilt that was to be made out of the fabric, I think it'll work great for this backing don't you ??? I'm frustrated because I've run out of Aurifil white in 40 & 50wt so need to order some before I can get quilting :O(

And more happy mail, four of my bee blocks have made it home, don't you think this is going to make a gorgeous quilt.

Here's hoping I get some time tonight to sew some vomit squares up :O)

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Friday Fun

The kids are at school, the physio was yesterday, the washing/cleaning is done and I may manage to find something in the freezer for lunch...

So there is going to be some of this

And some of this

and perhaps I might even find time to start making this super cute pin cushion

But first it's time for a cup of coffee and share some of these cakes with DH, straight from the boulangerie, we've got Almond Croissant, Apple Clafoutis and chocolate and coffee eclairs.... a very special yummy treat :O)

Have a Fab Friday !!!!!

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05 February, 2013

Siblings Together

I got cutting yesterday afternoon,

the yummy bar code fabric and lots of my remix from my Fat Quarter shop birthday gift card from DH, I really love this collection and have looked at it so many times, I originally bought it to make a plus quilt with but decided it was definitely preteen/teenage boy material and would make a great Siblings quilt.

I decided on a Disappearing 9 patch and sewed up 5 really large 9 patches.

Then tonight, I cut them all in half and then half again, they finished at 12.75" in the end and after crippling myself further all the family got together to sort out the layout, I *think* I've managed to get the barcode fabric all facing the right way up and not to have any fabrics next to each other...
It should finish about 50 x 60ish...

Here it is ready to sew together, probably won't get to touch it until Friday afternoon. I've got patchwork club, french lessons and my first physio for my back on Friday morning.  Hopefully by Sunday i'll have a finished top :)

I'm really loving this quilt and DS has already asked if he could have it, I've explained it's going to special kids and all about Siblings Together but he thinks he's special enough to get it... hard luck eh
I've got some fab black and white cow skin fabric that I think will make a really cool backing

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