23 January, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Not much progress made on anything this week, Kids were driven to school in the snow on Monday, DH got them there in the 4x4... Nasty parents aren't we.
DD's school of 30 had a grand total of 4 kids and DS's school of over 60 had 9. But it got them out of my hair for the day and I got to cut all my squares for my Block B's for the scrap vomit quilt.
Monday night, DD had a temperature of over 39C so poor love has been off school and mummy has got even less stuff done.

I have got one Block B made and here's the result, 
Dark Purple is Aubergine, Green is sprout and I broke out the yellow sketch for the middles. 12 more to go 

Just finished one #widrn tagged by @pink_stitches tagging @scissorsthread @jakandgeegee @liz_dandeliondd

Linking up to WIP because for once, this is a true WIP :O)

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  1. I like your choice of colours for the centre of the B blocks. Hope DD is feeling better soon.

  2. I love your choice of colors Pippa! So pretty and will look really nice with the other blocks.

  3. looking good. Hope DD is feeling better soon.

  4. the centre colours look great together


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