26 January, 2013

What I got upto on Friday night sew in

Would you believe it, I've only gone and got a full blown cold...it started last night and is in full swing today. I am so fed up of being ill, we all take vitamins, have a healthy diet with lots of veg and fruit, yet this month is shaping up to being a very sick month, let's hope it doesn't continue into February.

Handmade by Heidi

So during my sew in, (125 of us took part worldwide, how amazing) there was lots of this

I sewed up a few more of my lozanges, I'm now half way, they take ages to sew up, don't think I'll be EPPing for a while once these are done.

I do like how they look though, hoping to make a big bolster pillow out of them.

My quilt group is very traditional as I've said before, mostly hand sewn and very brown, beige, green and dark colours. They are very big in country style patchwork as is most of the French patchwork around at the moment. I appreciate the style but don't often like doing it myself as it involves lots of applique.

Well, our Christmas present was this little kit from Marie Suarez

It's supposed to be 32x42cm finished and is all in cm's... the pattern is a design in black white and you are supposed to then add on the seam allowances etc and there is lots of tiny bits of applique... (god help me) so I spent yesterday morning cutting out the main squares and in the evening stitched it up....

Now comes the making tiny dresden, iron, flowers, baskets, house, it may end up being a WIP for a very long time I think

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  1. Your lozenges are really lovely...you are brave to do the Le Patch! Bon courage! :-)

  2. Lozenges are gorgeous! I have been hoarding some of that fabric too.

  3. Looks like scotch was the feature of the evening :) Your lozenges are lovely though. One day I'll make one of those EPP beauties.

  4. Love the colours of your lozenges. Hope your cold gets better soon.

  5. Love the fabrics! Will make a great pillow!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Your fabrics are lovely.

  7. the red works wonderfully with the black, greys and white in your lozenge pillow.
    Do hope you are feeling better now

  8. Great lozenges. I love that name :) they will make a lovely pillow cover. The Marie Suarez quilt looks really pretty. You have made a good start.


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