21 January, 2013

Vomit week #3

I'm going to do the link up for another week, if no one bothers linking then I'm not carrying on with it but I am going to keep making at least a block a week and posting them every Monday, it gives me the inspiration to get one done.

After not sewing all week because of bad back and then us all getting the dreaded sickness bug, I sewed a bit on Friday evening, I literally made 70 or 80 pairs of 2 squares, chain pieced. Vomit blocks seemed appropriate

Saturday afternoon I sewed them all together, within about an hour, perhaps a bit more I had 4 !!! YES FOUR !!! blocks done.  If it wasn't for worrying about my back I could've sewn alot more.  I might sneak in the sewing room tomorrow for an hour or so, slowly does it.

Here are the four blocks together

 Block one, has some yummy favourites, perhaps the VW bus I got from spoonflower, of the black/purple/green spotty thats from the dragon quilt.
 The London bus square reminds me of Fat Quarterly retreat
 Block 2, this hasn't got any really I love fabrics in, perhaps the sweetcorn 3rd block along at the top
 This block I've made a boo boo
 Can you see here, I've got to unpick that top square it's inside out !!! opps.... and I only realised because I was looking at the London square and the Liberty print that was from Lynne
 Block 4 has some yummies, the polar ear, the Killer whale, the crab
 and the yummy yummy retriever/labrador fabric, wonder why that's my Fav :)
And here are all 8 blocks together, I'm tempted to go and make the bigger quilt but we'll see. I may have had enough by the time I've done more.

Not all of my squares match up, as the close up's show, does it really matter, I'm not keen on rechecking all the sizes, some of the swop squares are out and some even had selvedges that I didn't see until I'd sewn them in...will try pay more attention next time.  It's only a quilt for me and I don't think the quilt police will come and get me.

Also, do you think it matters if the cars, trains, some of the obviously right or wrong way things are upside down, I am trying really hard not to do that but sometimes I can't help it.

EDITED The linky party wasn't working for some reason but i've fixed it now :)

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  1. Looking fab Pippa! I'm still collecting my squares! I think I am only up to 240 or so... lonnnnng way to go yet!!!

  2. Definitely don't worry about the orientation of the squares. The quilt will be keeping you warm and cuddled and the squares should be every which way so they can be seen which ever way it is on top of you/the bed.
    I am quite attracted to the vomit quilt, just think I might Name it something else

  3. Hi Pippa, I don't see the link up...I have my squares cut and ready for 21 blocks, but a trip to the hospital last week has kept me from sewing. I am hoping to get them sewn together this week.

  4. not sure what the link up is, have only just joined your blog. love the quilt, so many interesting fabrics, you must have a tremendous collection, being a beginner to quilting I do not have many.
    They look bigger than 2" squares or have I read it wrong?

  5. Your squares are looking good! I have always thought that if you have the picture squares going in all 4 directions, then no matter where you are, there is something neat to look at! I did not start sewing mine this week, just finishing antibiotics today for a cold/infection. I had sewed some 6 by 6 squares (36 squares altogether) awhile ago, and I may make them bigger to get a jump on this project!

  6. I'm not doing this at the moment although a scrap quilt is on my list this year. I think it doesn't matter if a quilt isn't perfect. That's the fun of something hand made with love - it has so many memories attached.

  7. I never knew with that fabric whether it was inside out or not when I used it - I would probably leave it but if it really irritates you then take it out! Looks like you are making progress and it is going to be a great scrappy quilt - I heart scrappy!

  8. Your blocks look great - I don't think it matters what way round blocks are!


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