04 January, 2013

The Year of the Vomit

Yes, 2013 is my year of the vomit, one of my quilty resolutions was to get this quilt made in 2013.  I've been collecting the squares and have only made 2 blocks, so I'm hosting a vomit block a week along so that I HAVE to get it done. See my thinking, I'm gonna be forced to do a block if i'm hosting. 

Katy @I'm a ginger Monkey is the queen of #vomit.
She is on her errr 5th I think now, scrappy #vomit quilt.

There are loads of piccies of finished quilts on flickr and there's even a flickr group here

Katy tells us that the quilt is super easy and only uses 2.5" squares. But lots of them. You can find the instructions from her blog just below. It was inspired by a pattern in American and Patchwork and Quilting from August 2002 that used strip piecing (and smaller squares). I can't take any credit for the original design.

Fabric requirements
are here but roughly for the smaller quilt that I'm making I need 965 scrappy 2.5" squares, beautiful, ugly and some sparkly :O) and then for the solids, just over 300 2.5" squares, now you might understand why I bought the Sizzix 2.5" die

If you don't have the variety there is a new vomit square swop going on at gnomeangel where you swop 245 squares, I joined her last one and they were truly yummy

Block A construction is fairly easy, grab 49 squares and sew them up 7 rows of 7

Block B construction  similar but with the addition of solids to make the diamond, but essentially 49 sewn up blocks.

I've (well Justine from simplysolids) chosen my solid blocks, I've gone with (I think I did anyway, can't find my order and why is it there isn't info on selvedges, that really annoys me with kona solids, never know what I need more off when I'm running low)

Corn Yellow



ohhh I just love the sprout, such a vivid colour, even better in real life.

Here are the two blocks I have managed to get done

So only another 23 blocks to go in total, so by end of may I should have all the blocks, perhaps even a finished quilted quilt for #FQR in July.

Who's going to join me, just grab your scraps and get cutting and sewing.

I'll be doing a linky party starting Monday and might even get a button sorted by then :)

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  1. Crikey Pippa, you've been busy.

    Have you slept at all since Christmas?

    F x

    1. I've only made 2 blocks, the finished quilt is Katy's :)

  2. nt to make a scrappy quilt this year as well, but not just at this moment! Good lick!

  3. I have squares all cut but keep putting things ahead of it. Lets see if I can get a block or two done and I will link up. I love this quilt!

  4. Wow that sure is one interesting "year of" to declare. I hope that the overall feeling at the end is better than that word in reality.

  5. Good luck Pippa - I'm sure your quilt is going to be amazing!

  6. Strange name for a wonderful scrappy quilt... but it is catchy! Sounds like a great project for FnwF. :)


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