31 January, 2013

Something New

I'm not sure if any of you are following along with the Something New Sampler blog hop.  I've been reading the tutorials and was hoping to get something started but the lurgies here have held things up.

You know how I really don't like hand stitching or quilting BUT I do love what Susan@canadianabroad can do with some perle thread.  So when this week's block was Sashiko, I decided to give it a go.  I grabbed my Aurifil 12wt thread that we had as a trial at retreat and got busy with my frixion pen.  Some stitching today and I ended up with

I tried to make the stitching as even as I could and decided from the start that 4 stitches per inch would have to do, when I do it again I can try and concentrate on going smaller. I actually enjoyed it and think it would be easier to quilt through layers than just do it through 1 layer like this is. If the block seems too plain when it comes to putting them all together than I think I'm going to applique some little hexi's here and there inside the quilting.

The other block for this week is reverse applique, I grabbed some Summersville scraps and some sketch, 20 minutes later had a finished block. I LOVED making this, so easy and fun to do, I am a bit worried about the raw edges, any suggestions ??? Think this will make great pouches or cushions, with some Sashiko outline quilting... OMG did you see what I just wrote, better go and lie down now lol.

I've got 3 blocks to catch up on, Bargello, Folding and scraps and next week's blocks are Trapunto (which I have already done before) and cathedral windows, ohhh scary, I love them but don't think i'll be able to make it :(

Is anyone else doing the sampler ? have you shared your pics on flickr ?

Tomorrow is a busy day, I've got a back x ray and the dog is going to be steralised so she'll be banging around with a collar on for the next 10 days.
Might not get much sewing done !!!

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  1. Great blocks Pippa. Hope all goes well with your back.

  2. If you don't like the raw edges you need to use the "porthole" method, sew an extra seam and voila .... No raw edge!

  3. When I had my puppy sterilised she was so good she did not need the collar. your Sashiko is lovely now that you have shown what you can do no excuses. Good luck with the xray tomorrow.

  4. sashiko is coming along a treat, did not realise you do not like hand stitching or quilting, I would rather do by hand than machine. Will check out the web something new sampler to see what it is all about

  5. Susan is indeed the 'perley' queen! Lovely stitching Pippa - sashiko is something I would like to try one day :-)


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