19 January, 2013

Rain, ramblings and siblings together

All over our lurgy now and there was a snow alert on the weather forecast, we woke up to RAIN !!!! lots of it and it's continued all day :(

But the nice postie brought my prize from Sewn EU I won it from Facebook back in November, it's FQ's of some lovely fabric, not what I'd choose all together but really nice as a bundle. 

Quilts for Siblings Together

I've decided to make at least one quilt for Siblings Together and I think this fabric may well be in the quilt, it'd make a nice girly one. I need to get it finished to take with me on Retreat.  I am thinking I might use my bee block pattern to whip up a big kiss quilt, can either do 16 blocks with a border to make a smallish 52" quilt or go to 20 blocks for 60"

I'd love to try get a boy quilt done too but will have to look at my stash

If anyone fancies making a block for me and has a fat eighth that would co-ordinate let me know :)I think I need to order more kona snow or kona white, tempted to buy some Klona and sneak it in my bag in Feb.

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  1. As I'm sewing again, doing well, I'd like to make a block for you. A(ny) blue + kona white? Or Snow? Or ant whie (on white)?
    Mail me about the meadurements too


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