28 January, 2013


All these years I've struggled with brit made pancakes, never quite managing the light slightly crispy Crepes that the french mum's make here without blinking, well now I've found the recipe of my crepe dreams....

Here in France we celebrate Fete de la Chandeleur and it falls on 2nd February and I always celebrate Shrove Tuesday too (12th Feb this year)  :)
I do like to observe the traditions, especially when they involve food... so here's the recipe :)

It made 12-15 normal size pancakes

200g flour
50cl (500ml) milk
4 eggs
35g butter
1 tablespoon sugar & few drops vanilla

Melt butter (I put it in micro)
heat milk slightly (put it in micro)
Put flour into food mixer, add the eggs and sugar and vanilla.  Then slowly add in the milk, mix for a minute on slow speed, add in the melted butter and mix again. Then sieve the mixture and leave for 2 hours.
Cook as normal...

And you will end up with light and fluffy Crepes, I think just a bit of Lemon juice squeezed over the top would be yummy, although here we have Nutella or even strawberry jam (don't knock it until you've tried it

Now you know what we're having for tea on Saturday :)
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  1. Sounds good enough to eat. Never heated the milk before I will try it.

  2. Yum - they look gorgeous. I am definitely trying out your recipe as my kids love think pancakes (er...and the thick ones too!) but I struggle to get them thin AND not-holey.

  3. very mouth watering, naughty but nice, think I will have to pass due to weight gain over the last few months that does not seem to want to go away!

  4. I live in France too, but a little further away lol my tip for making French crepes is to use lots of butter in the pa. if you get the pan hot and hold it on an angle while you pour the batter in it gives a nice thin crepe :) I still love thick, fluffy pancakes with olden syrup on occasion bough :)

  5. I too like to join in any festivities that celebrate food - thanks for the recipe :-D The pancakes here are called msemmen - they are thick and crispy and don't really resemble crepe but they are super yummy and etaen for breakfast and tea. Mmmm.


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