17 January, 2013

Lots to catch up on

But today isn't the day for it LOL....

Since Monday evening the kids have been home from school with the gastro (sickness bug) which started together when they were in bed and let's just say I don't deal well with the V***T word and no I don't mean the quilt :)

And then last night, I came down with it but not just the vomitting, gosh it came from nowhere and was so violent :(  the kids were going back to school but also started with the alternative to V so we're sat at home dozing, watching tv and trying to sip fluids...dh is bad but not as bad as us, so he's been sent to the shop for bread, bananas, coke and white grape juice.

So when normal service resumes I must tell you about my bee block, my possible quilt along fabric and book reviewing. For now, I'll leave you with the beautiful delivery of sketch that arrived from Pink Castle this morning, great timing to cheer me up eh

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  1. Oh no :( hope you get well soon Pippa. Although I'm sure that bundle of Sketch would be enough to make anyone feel better! It's gorgeous x

  2. Oh you poor thing - was it the Noro virus?? You really have had a bad time of it - hoping those beauties cheer you up. How could they fail?

  3. Do hope you will all be better soon. Have you got snow too? Everything cancelled yesterday so we ventured out in the sunshine today to stock up ready for tomorrows onslaught! xx

  4. Get well soon, Pippa!
    That gastro bug is strong over here to. Until now we escaped it but I'm knocking on wood while thinking it... LOL


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