01 January, 2013

Happy 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it will be here in France by the time you read this post lolol...
NYE  is quite important to my DH and I, it's the anniversary of us meeting, well *virtually* anyway, we didn't actually meet face to face until the 10th or 11th but then DH never went back home :O) it's 13 years for us and it'll be our 12th wedding anniversary this year.

2012, hasn't been such a bad year for us, we've had holidays, we've been to UK a few times, generally we've been Happy and Healthy.  Some worries about work and hopefully going into 2013 we're sorted.

Looking onwards and upwards, in 2013 I've planned a trip to UK, bought my FQ retreat 2 ticket and booked ferry :O)
DH is competiting in a National Drag Racing championship and we're planning lots of little getaways.
The house and garden will progress a little bit more *fingers crossed* and my diet restarts tomorrow, I'm hoping to loose a minimum of 14 kilo's in the next 29 weeks (that's when Retreat is).

Sewing wise, I'm going to cut down on Round Robin's, concentrate on learning more quilting on my frame and finish off the UFO's.

But for now, I'm off to celebrate the new year.....

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  1. Happy new year Pippa! Good luck with the diet thingie. I'm looking forward to the FQR again.

  2. Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true.


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