06 January, 2013

Friday night with friends

I saw this button popping up on Thursday around blogland and decided to check it out.
Cheryll explains what it's all about here, but basically on the 1st Friday of the month, you get sewing or crafting, you link up and then show what you worked on.

I'm sorry I'm late to the party, took the picture but yesterday was a hectic day. Here's the others that took part HERE

As you can see, I was quite happy piecing together the bits of my newest quilt, sipping on some ice cold fizzy wine and watching some tv.  I really enjoyed my night and I'm going to try make it a regular thing.  It forced me off the settee and into my sewing room, usually I'm too tired to bother sewing at night.
Perhaps a new resolution :O)

Tomorrow the link up for the Vomit squares starts, also it's back to school for the kids YEAHHHHHHHH !!!!!! not that we haven't had a lovely holiday but it's definitely time to get back to normal.

Have a happy Sunday, i'm going to be sat in front of the gogglebox, selfridges is starting tonight.

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  1. It makes me feel good to know I'mnot the only one who can't be arsed to get off the settee at night

  2. I too am looking forward to selfridges I have been sewing most of the day most enjoyable.

  3. It's fun Pippa, and some of the work the other ladies do is just mind blowing, (and sometimes depressingly) wonderful.

    Fiona x


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