25 January, 2013

Friday Night Sew in

Handmade by Heidi

I'm going to put the kids to bed, open up the bubbly or cointreau and join in tonight.  I have vomit squares to make, a few more kisses I could do and also a kit that needs sewing up... could also get on with my lozanges.
We are still a sick house, poor Amelia is coughing constantly, the noise is painful to my ears and hurting her chest even more.  Good news is football tomorrow has been cancelled, so hopefully a lazy morning in bed for us all :)

Will post some pictures of what I finally got upto tomorrow, If you want to join in, come and link up here

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  1. Sorry you are all still so sick :-( Sounds like you are embracing the sew-in with gusto - cheers!

  2. How do you cope with a constant round of sicknes? I hope everyone gets better soon. We need some decent, warm weather!

  3. hope your evening went well and you enjoyed your cointreau, have not had any for years but love the taste of it.

    Children must surely be on the mend by now, do hope they are feeling better


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