13 January, 2013

First quilt finish of 2013

Thanks for all your kind words re Daisy, we're getting there slowly but surely, my back has been playing up again and I've been on sewing machine ban since Thursday, strong painkillers, anti inflams and muscle relaxers that make me all floaty and woozy, so I'm not safe with a cutter, machine or car.
so I had tine to hand sew a binding on :) 

My bro's plus quilt is done, wrapped and ready for courier collection tomorrow.

I forgot to measure it but it's about 58" by 63" so a decent size snuggle quilt, even for a 6ft3 bloke, DH sat with it and it's fine for him so bro and a kitty cat will manage.

I sneaked outside while it was dry to take photo's, it's foggy and looks like snow but at least the wall wasn't too damp. I used YLI variegated thread for the quilting but aurifil for the piecing.
This one was pieced on the dream Bernina and quilted on the Brother PQ1500

The binding is scrappy made up of the left over pieces of top fabric and the back is a large cotton bed sheet I bought in La Redoute sale in the summer.

As it was for his 35th Birthday, I thought we'd handwrite a label, I usually don't label the quilt or if I do I embroider one but I thought it'd be nice for the kids to be able to sign it.

Stitched it on once i'd squared it up and job done...first finish :)

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  1. it looks great xx hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Lovely quilt Pippa - I'm sure he will love it. Sorry to hear your back is playing up - hope it improves soon. Grim weather will not help. Same here and trying to get all our holiday washing done.
    Lin xx

  3. Your brothers quilt looks lovely sorry to hear about your back hope you feel better soon.

  4. It's a fabulous finish Pippa - your brother is going to love it! The label is so sweet and I love that your children signed it. Really hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Pippa, sorry to hear that things aren't well over there, too ;o)
    Hope your sewing machine ban is lifted soon!
    Maybe you're allowed to tackle hexies instead?!

  6. Well done on your first finish of 2013, hope your back improves soon.

  7. Looks great - love the loopy quilting too. Hope your back starts to get better soon.

  8. Your quilt is lovely Pippa, I am sure your brother will enjoy wrapping himself up in it, especially in the current weather.

    Hope your back is better soon.

  9. Hope your back soon gets better. This is a great quilt and I love the siggy block :)


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