02 January, 2013

Busy Bee start to year.

It's been a busy year already sewing wise,

Amelia and I spent New Year's Eve cutting and arranging a quilt for my brother's 35th Birthday on 7th Feb.  Now I've got to sew it all together, not a mean feat with my back but they aren't difficult blocks.  A plus quilt has been on my want to make list for a while and my brother has a brown settee and cream walls, so hopefully he'll like this one.

Then yesterday and today I spent some time making our January seweurobeean blocks... I ended up making three because I can't get the green one quite right, I've unpicked, remeasured, resewn and unpicked again... the others are fine and I really think it'll make a great quilt when it's done

And I'm starting a BOM... well actually I'm cheating because Kristy is doing a paper piecing BOM all to do with sewing and equipment. I'm going to use my stash so it'll be semi scrappy.

Luckily, the first block is one I tested for her so I get January off. :O)

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to have to have a rest from sewing and get on with some cleaning, back permitting.

A great start to January and 2013 !!!

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  1. You *have* been busy! The 'green' x&+ block looks fine to me too btw ;)

  2. Sorry you have a bad back :-( Your man quilt is going to be lovely and I love your x and plus blocks.


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