03 January, 2013

BOM or two more...

Someone *which one of you is responsible????* yesterday posted a list of BOM's, I saw

Ula's Paper piecing my home is my castle and decided to get busy, 20 minutes later I had the finished block and my fabric chosen...

I'm using a pale pink for the turrets, fit for a princess....do I know one round here... I hope I've got enough of the stormy night sky background.

I've signed up for the Craftsy block of the month too, it's got lots of different blocks, I'm not sure what fabric I'm going to use, I've got lots of remix and dotty stuff like the example quilt...

Better go get kids to bed now eh, I'm going to sit and sew some lozenges together :) Have a great evening

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  1. Castle looks great I know I should know what is a BOM? The craftsy quilt looks as though it could be fun/

  2. I thought about that BOM too but it didn't pass my litmus test so I'll be passing on that one.


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