18 January, 2013


This week I can link up with TGIFF 

I'm going to link up for finishing my bro's quilt which I blogged about Here .
It's currently sitting at my mum's waiting for 7th February :O)

And I've been waiting to claim this as a finish but really wanted to wait until the baby had been born.  Our neighbour gave birth on Monday to a very big for France 3.8kilo (8lbs 6oz) baby boy and their calling him Pierre. He can't come home yet as he has an infection but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I made this little car seat cover out of a bungle jungle charm pack with some lovely soft fleece backing 

Binding with pins, for last time, santa is bringing me wonder clips by PippaP

I bound it with a shop bought binding and added on straps to tie around the car seat, the quilting is with aurifil white 50wt and was just a gentle meander, nice and easy for my first attempt at quilting on fleece.  It's got no batting so it's quite light but still snuggly, I'm hoping the baby might use it as a snuggle blankie when he get's a bit bigger.
I loved the colours in Bungle Jungle, am tempted to buy some yardage as it's not really all babyish fabric, it's quite modern and I LOVED the meanders and who could say no to the cute little elephants.


  1. What a lovely gift - and perfect for the current weather! (I'm assuming he was in fact 4.3 kilo, not 8.3, or his mother may never walk again....)

  2. This is lovely Pippa! And making a quilt is definitely more fun than giving birth - you chose wisely!

  3. That will keep him warm this weather and in the summer he can use it outside as a play blanket, fleece washes so easily and dries quickly.

  4. That is very cute! Love the elephants!

  5. My sister in law bought some bungle charms at Christmas to make a baby quilt. The layout is very similar to ours, with that monkey face in the middle!


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