31 January, 2013

Something New

I'm not sure if any of you are following along with the Something New Sampler blog hop.  I've been reading the tutorials and was hoping to get something started but the lurgies here have held things up.

You know how I really don't like hand stitching or quilting BUT I do love what Susan@canadianabroad can do with some perle thread.  So when this week's block was Sashiko, I decided to give it a go.  I grabbed my Aurifil 12wt thread that we had as a trial at retreat and got busy with my frixion pen.  Some stitching today and I ended up with

I tried to make the stitching as even as I could and decided from the start that 4 stitches per inch would have to do, when I do it again I can try and concentrate on going smaller. I actually enjoyed it and think it would be easier to quilt through layers than just do it through 1 layer like this is. If the block seems too plain when it comes to putting them all together than I think I'm going to applique some little hexi's here and there inside the quilting.

The other block for this week is reverse applique, I grabbed some Summersville scraps and some sketch, 20 minutes later had a finished block. I LOVED making this, so easy and fun to do, I am a bit worried about the raw edges, any suggestions ??? Think this will make great pouches or cushions, with some Sashiko outline quilting... OMG did you see what I just wrote, better go and lie down now lol.

I've got 3 blocks to catch up on, Bargello, Folding and scraps and next week's blocks are Trapunto (which I have already done before) and cathedral windows, ohhh scary, I love them but don't think i'll be able to make it :(

Is anyone else doing the sampler ? have you shared your pics on flickr ?

Tomorrow is a busy day, I've got a back x ray and the dog is going to be steralised so she'll be banging around with a collar on for the next 10 days.
Might not get much sewing done !!!

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28 January, 2013


All these years I've struggled with brit made pancakes, never quite managing the light slightly crispy Crepes that the french mum's make here without blinking, well now I've found the recipe of my crepe dreams....

Here in France we celebrate Fete de la Chandeleur and it falls on 2nd February and I always celebrate Shrove Tuesday too (12th Feb this year)  :)
I do like to observe the traditions, especially when they involve food... so here's the recipe :)

It made 12-15 normal size pancakes

200g flour
50cl (500ml) milk
4 eggs
35g butter
1 tablespoon sugar & few drops vanilla

Melt butter (I put it in micro)
heat milk slightly (put it in micro)
Put flour into food mixer, add the eggs and sugar and vanilla.  Then slowly add in the milk, mix for a minute on slow speed, add in the melted butter and mix again. Then sieve the mixture and leave for 2 hours.
Cook as normal...

And you will end up with light and fluffy Crepes, I think just a bit of Lemon juice squeezed over the top would be yummy, although here we have Nutella or even strawberry jam (don't knock it until you've tried it

Now you know what we're having for tea on Saturday :)
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Vomit Week #4

We're only upto week 4 and I've managed to get all 12 A blocks done and one B block. So another 12 B Blocks to go or I think I prefer more scrappy to solids then I need to make another A Block.... 25 blocks in total and 12 to go :)

Favourite fabric on this block has to be the little kitten and the turtles :)

This one has Nemo fabric, I bought this for DS when he was about 2 or 3, can't remember what I made from it, think it was just a play mat or something.

Here's what the B blocks look like surrounded by A blocks,

I love the spoonflower bra and the lips in this block......

I'm going to try and get 2 or 3 B blocks done this week but we're still a sick house (only DD at home from school but DH and I have the cold/flu lurgy)so no guarantee's.....

Please link up below for week 4 :)

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27 January, 2013

Vivebooks Celebrate Celtic Book review

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on FB from Sewing Directory a great resource for us Europeans, lists of shops, sewing machine repairers, courses and probably links to anything else crafty that you need to find in UK.
Anyway, I digress, there was a post asking for book reviewers for a revamped Ebook site, Vivebooks

Rainbow Disks, who publish craft books on disc now have their ebooks available for instant download at vivebooks.com. There are ebooks from quilters Katharine Guerrier, Annette Morgan, Angela Madden, Mary Jenkins, and Madeleine Millington.

You know how much I love my Ebooks...infact I've lost one of my hard copy books and am now really annoyed that I didn't buy it in Ebook form instead, least then if I had lost it I could just go to my backup copy and get it back.

So, I emailed and Vivienne kindly asked which book I wanted to review.
I was tempted by a few of the scrap fabric books but in the end I chose Celebrate Celtic by Angela Madden

Angela is an accomplished author, textile designer,teacher and quilter. If you go to FOQ you may well have met her.

The purchasing process is incredibly easy and I liked the Paypal option, I can keep track on my spending if I use PP and it makes it so much easier than having to put debit card details in sites. You immediately get emailed a link and download your book.

Celebrate Celtic enables you to create your own Celtic baskets, hearts and stars. The instructions on how to make up the pattern are incredibly thorough with good photo's showing the process. Ebook patterns also mean you can increase or decrease the pattern size just by printing it to a larger or smaller percentage. What's not to love.

There are 12 different basket bases with 6 different handles, so lots of combinations or print one out to just make a runner or a centre block for a medallion quilt.
Especially suitable for Valentines the 5 heart patterns look doable. I didn't know you could do celtic work with a double needle.

The only project's I've done have involved bias binding and hand stitching it on, a long process. Going to give the double needle a try. I also want to infill some of the patterns with fabric, there's some great photo's of how to do this and how they can look.

My very favourite project is the star and the different textures some machine quilting (or hand quilting) can make to it. I'm printing out the pattern as we speak and my bias binding tool will be getting busy tomorrow.

The only downside I can see is that if you haven't ever done any Celtic work you might not understand how to stitch the unders and overs and there aren't any instructions
on transferring the pattern onto your fabric.

For anyone who has done any celtic work the patterns are very unusual and would be great as an applique quilt,mug rug or table runner.

So please go and check out Vivebooks and
to celebrate the launch of vivebooks.com, they are offering a special New Year Discount of 13% off any eboooks, providing you spend £20 minimum. Just enter promotional coupon VB132013 at Checkout to get the discount. Offer ends 1 Feb.

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26 January, 2013

What I got upto on Friday night sew in

Would you believe it, I've only gone and got a full blown cold...it started last night and is in full swing today. I am so fed up of being ill, we all take vitamins, have a healthy diet with lots of veg and fruit, yet this month is shaping up to being a very sick month, let's hope it doesn't continue into February.

Handmade by Heidi

So during my sew in, (125 of us took part worldwide, how amazing) there was lots of this

I sewed up a few more of my lozanges, I'm now half way, they take ages to sew up, don't think I'll be EPPing for a while once these are done.

I do like how they look though, hoping to make a big bolster pillow out of them.

My quilt group is very traditional as I've said before, mostly hand sewn and very brown, beige, green and dark colours. They are very big in country style patchwork as is most of the French patchwork around at the moment. I appreciate the style but don't often like doing it myself as it involves lots of applique.

Well, our Christmas present was this little kit from Marie Suarez

It's supposed to be 32x42cm finished and is all in cm's... the pattern is a design in black white and you are supposed to then add on the seam allowances etc and there is lots of tiny bits of applique... (god help me) so I spent yesterday morning cutting out the main squares and in the evening stitched it up....

Now comes the making tiny dresden, iron, flowers, baskets, house, it may end up being a WIP for a very long time I think

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25 January, 2013

Friday Night Sew in

Handmade by Heidi

I'm going to put the kids to bed, open up the bubbly or cointreau and join in tonight.  I have vomit squares to make, a few more kisses I could do and also a kit that needs sewing up... could also get on with my lozanges.
We are still a sick house, poor Amelia is coughing constantly, the noise is painful to my ears and hurting her chest even more.  Good news is football tomorrow has been cancelled, so hopefully a lazy morning in bed for us all :)

Will post some pictures of what I finally got upto tomorrow, If you want to join in, come and link up here

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23 January, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Not much progress made on anything this week, Kids were driven to school in the snow on Monday, DH got them there in the 4x4... Nasty parents aren't we.
DD's school of 30 had a grand total of 4 kids and DS's school of over 60 had 9. But it got them out of my hair for the day and I got to cut all my squares for my Block B's for the scrap vomit quilt.
Monday night, DD had a temperature of over 39C so poor love has been off school and mummy has got even less stuff done.

I have got one Block B made and here's the result, 
Dark Purple is Aubergine, Green is sprout and I broke out the yellow sketch for the middles. 12 more to go 

Just finished one #widrn tagged by @pink_stitches tagging @scissorsthread @jakandgeegee @liz_dandeliondd

Linking up to WIP because for once, this is a true WIP :O)

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21 January, 2013

Vomit week #3

I'm going to do the link up for another week, if no one bothers linking then I'm not carrying on with it but I am going to keep making at least a block a week and posting them every Monday, it gives me the inspiration to get one done.

After not sewing all week because of bad back and then us all getting the dreaded sickness bug, I sewed a bit on Friday evening, I literally made 70 or 80 pairs of 2 squares, chain pieced. Vomit blocks seemed appropriate

Saturday afternoon I sewed them all together, within about an hour, perhaps a bit more I had 4 !!! YES FOUR !!! blocks done.  If it wasn't for worrying about my back I could've sewn alot more.  I might sneak in the sewing room tomorrow for an hour or so, slowly does it.

Here are the four blocks together

 Block one, has some yummy favourites, perhaps the VW bus I got from spoonflower, of the black/purple/green spotty thats from the dragon quilt.
 The London bus square reminds me of Fat Quarterly retreat
 Block 2, this hasn't got any really I love fabrics in, perhaps the sweetcorn 3rd block along at the top
 This block I've made a boo boo
 Can you see here, I've got to unpick that top square it's inside out !!! opps.... and I only realised because I was looking at the London square and the Liberty print that was from Lynne
 Block 4 has some yummies, the polar ear, the Killer whale, the crab
 and the yummy yummy retriever/labrador fabric, wonder why that's my Fav :)
And here are all 8 blocks together, I'm tempted to go and make the bigger quilt but we'll see. I may have had enough by the time I've done more.

Not all of my squares match up, as the close up's show, does it really matter, I'm not keen on rechecking all the sizes, some of the swop squares are out and some even had selvedges that I didn't see until I'd sewn them in...will try pay more attention next time.  It's only a quilt for me and I don't think the quilt police will come and get me.

Also, do you think it matters if the cars, trains, some of the obviously right or wrong way things are upside down, I am trying really hard not to do that but sometimes I can't help it.

EDITED The linky party wasn't working for some reason but i've fixed it now :)

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19 January, 2013

Rain, ramblings and siblings together

All over our lurgy now and there was a snow alert on the weather forecast, we woke up to RAIN !!!! lots of it and it's continued all day :(

But the nice postie brought my prize from Sewn EU I won it from Facebook back in November, it's FQ's of some lovely fabric, not what I'd choose all together but really nice as a bundle. 

Quilts for Siblings Together

I've decided to make at least one quilt for Siblings Together and I think this fabric may well be in the quilt, it'd make a nice girly one. I need to get it finished to take with me on Retreat.  I am thinking I might use my bee block pattern to whip up a big kiss quilt, can either do 16 blocks with a border to make a smallish 52" quilt or go to 20 blocks for 60"

I'd love to try get a boy quilt done too but will have to look at my stash

If anyone fancies making a block for me and has a fat eighth that would co-ordinate let me know :)I think I need to order more kona snow or kona white, tempted to buy some Klona and sneak it in my bag in Feb.

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Bee princess

Our Sew-euro-bee-an bee has unfortunately shrunk by one.  The lovely lady is having a hard time atm and decided to cut down on bee commitments.

She was the February princess and I asked the Queen Bee's if they'd like me to step in, I knew the block I wanted to use and quickly emailed Sarah to ask would it be OK.

I'd seen the Big Kiss block on the bee blessed site and loved how they looked when all together.
Here is my practice block piccie

test big kisses bee block by PippaP
test big kisses bee block, a photo by PippaP on Flickr.

It's a really quick block to make and I am asking my fellow bee members to make me two kisses from their scraps, I'm providing the Kona White (when it arrives grrrr) and I don't care what fabric or what colour, I want it to be a surprise and I think it's appropriate for a February princess :O)

24 blocks and this one should make a pretty nice sized 60" quilt.

18 January, 2013


This week I can link up with TGIFF 

I'm going to link up for finishing my bro's quilt which I blogged about Here .
It's currently sitting at my mum's waiting for 7th February :O)

And I've been waiting to claim this as a finish but really wanted to wait until the baby had been born.  Our neighbour gave birth on Monday to a very big for France 3.8kilo (8lbs 6oz) baby boy and their calling him Pierre. He can't come home yet as he has an infection but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I made this little car seat cover out of a bungle jungle charm pack with some lovely soft fleece backing 

Binding with pins, for last time, santa is bringing me wonder clips by PippaP

I bound it with a shop bought binding and added on straps to tie around the car seat, the quilting is with aurifil white 50wt and was just a gentle meander, nice and easy for my first attempt at quilting on fleece.  It's got no batting so it's quite light but still snuggly, I'm hoping the baby might use it as a snuggle blankie when he get's a bit bigger.
I loved the colours in Bungle Jungle, am tempted to buy some yardage as it's not really all babyish fabric, it's quite modern and I LOVED the meanders and who could say no to the cute little elephants.

17 January, 2013

Lots to catch up on

But today isn't the day for it LOL....

Since Monday evening the kids have been home from school with the gastro (sickness bug) which started together when they were in bed and let's just say I don't deal well with the V***T word and no I don't mean the quilt :)

And then last night, I came down with it but not just the vomitting, gosh it came from nowhere and was so violent :(  the kids were going back to school but also started with the alternative to V so we're sat at home dozing, watching tv and trying to sip fluids...dh is bad but not as bad as us, so he's been sent to the shop for bread, bananas, coke and white grape juice.

So when normal service resumes I must tell you about my bee block, my possible quilt along fabric and book reviewing. For now, I'll leave you with the beautiful delivery of sketch that arrived from Pink Castle this morning, great timing to cheer me up eh

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