07 December, 2012

TGIFF and pressies

Today has been a better day,still feel under the weather but have my mojo back, I finished my November bee block, siggie block and it's now ready to be posted tomorrow, was a fairly easy 12 blocks and applique something, I used circles and apologise for the dodgy circles, they looked ok when they were being stitched lol...

Then I decided Amelia needed an apron, I was going to make us matching winterkist ones but a, it's too pale to be used for an apron that's going to get used, dirty and no doubt have grubby hands wiped all over it and b, I don't have enough fabric SO I made myself a full apron (pictures perhaps tomorrow) not Winterkist that match our Christmas placemats and I made Amelia a half apron, one side it sewing/make up/girlie and the other side is pretty butterflies. It's the first time I've made frills

so I'm linking up to TGIFF for the apron finish :)

Then the post man came, we got a letter each from santa, we'd sent him an email earlier in the week and his reply came really quickly, it's a cute service offered by the post office here in France

My Secret Santa came all the way from New Zealand, michells place sent me some lovely gifts, there is some yummy Kiwi material, a cute sign, lovely mag which I'm going to sit and read tonight and a really sweet tin with Hershey Kisses in, let's just say I did share some of them around with the family but alot were consumed before the kids got home.
Thanks to Michell for her thoughtfulness and Suzanne for organising.

My prize from sukie arrived, I sat yesterday and flicked through Mollie makes and ruby star wrapping, have to say the ideas in there are simple and easy but look gorgeous, shame I've wrapped up all my pressies, some birthday ideas too, I may even get round to the tiny bunting to help with the xmas decos.

Tomorrow we're having roast turkey with some of the trimmings lol, fresh turkeys are on promo atm so we're having a trial run, I love Christmas dinner, one of the easiest dinners of the year for me.  Also have the hairy bikers Christmas pudding vodka in the fridge stewing away, here's the recipe if you'd like it, it's great neat or for an awesome cocktail try it with dry fizzy wine... delish and very very naughty for your head the next day :)

So happy Finish it up Friday :)

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  1. Sweet apron - the owner looks rather pleased with it!

    Looks like you scored some nice fabric-related mail this week! Who doesn't love that?!

  2. Your little girl looks so chuffed with her apron, good job that girl!

    Fiona x

  3. Nice mailman deliveries, all of them.

  4. Aw, cute apron, cute girl! and nice bundle you got there!

  5. Look how happy she is with it, too. :D That smile's worth all the time spent on it and more!

  6. Aww...What fun things in the mail! Glad you participated this year! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Nice things to get from your Secret Santa. Michelle was my surprise Secret Santa last year! Lucky you to get her this year.



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