16 December, 2012

Sunday's chatter

wow, not long to go now, 9 days and counting :)
I'm waiting on one parcel from Amazon and we're ready for Christmas, I marzipanned the cake yesterday, so just to ice in probably next weekend.
Kids teachers pressies are made (I forgot to take pictures DOH !!!) I made them all keyfobs, let the kids choose the colours and the ribbon. Then I've batched made chocolate fudge, normal fudge and chocolate and cranberry fudge, all wrapped up and tied with ribbon ready for the kids to give out tomorrow.
We always tend to give the gifts on the Monday because Wednesday there isn't any school, Friday some of the teachers don't go home and it's the school Christmas fete until Midnight, so we give ours early... I have been caught out in the past will sick kids and had to make a special journey into school just to deliver said gifts...

Last weeks sewing consisted of making this quilt, I've had this panel for DS since he was 4, so 4 years now. He's a bit old for it but I wanted to practice some quilting and as we have a JCB, DH said your never to old for a digger quilt.

I just shoved some borders on and got busy quilting. It's fleece backed and I used YLI quilting thread. I admit, I've sneaked a peek at Angela Walters book that I bought for Christmas and tried the geometric allover pattern.

my DH has made me a speed controller for the frame so you don't have to hold the handles down on the frame (the foot pedal is removed) it's easier to use but another learning curve.
Trying to get an even stitch length is my next challenge. This quilt is now bound and ready to wrap up, I'm going to give it to him on Christmas Eve evening when the tree fairy has delivered their new PJ's :)

I had planned to make Amelia a quick flower fairies quilt, again i've got some panels that I've never used.
This morning, I got up and started sewing the winterkist squares that I won in Monica's giveaway during the summer. Then added some moda and some rectangles, it was to be a tree skirt but Amelia said it was too beautiful to be a skirt and could she have it as a quilt.  (sorry about piccie, its a phone one and it's peeing down with rain so we can't have an outside photo)

 It's not huge about 42" square but she says it's big enough for her. It's on the quilting frame and I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow, I'm just doodling and will try loop and perhaps double loops.

My prize from Fabric shack arrived on Friday, ohhh it's tempting me but not till January :)

Have a Super Sunday :)
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  1. Well....everything is adorable. My little grandsons would love your digger quilt. I agree with your husband; never too old for a digger. My husband and 3 sons all work with heavy equipment in one way or another.

  2. Crikey, you've been busy.

    Nice quilting work.

    Fiona x

  3. You have been busy. Mmmmm, that fudge sounds good! Well done on being almost done!


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